Does your dog pee and poop at home? Here you have the solution

Does your dog pee and poop at home? Here you have the solution

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Sometimes we think that the body of dogs is like a Swiss watch, but as with humans, they can also feel the call of nature at the least indicated time. In the case of adult dogs, a good education can make them endure until the time of the walk, but if we talk about puppies ... the thing changes.

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And it is that when they are little, they find it difficult to contain themselves and get used to doing it outside the home, so it is normal that during their first months of life you find "little gifts" in the most unexpected corners, as in that carpet that you like so much ...

The solution? To begin, arm yourself with patience (Rome was not built in a day), but if you have reached the point of despair and need an ipso facto remedy, breathe, because we have found it. It's called PetGroung, and it's the first ecological alternative to the classic pet soakers.


The presentation could not be simpler and more discreet: a sustainable cardboard box full of natural grass. Yes, you read it right. It is a kind of mini garden to which your dog will be naturally attracted, and that also absorbs the pee without leaving a trace of bad odors.

In this way, you will also speed up the learning process when it is time to go outside to do your needs. Isn't it a wonder?

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