Addicted to Bobbi Brown's cosmetics? The famous makeup artist opens the hotel!

Addicted to Bobbi Brown's cosmetics? The famous makeup artist opens the hotel!

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After 25 years behind one of the most famous cosmetic firms in the world, Bobbi Brown opens with the launch of The George Inn, a hotel boutiquein Montclair that will open its doors next March, and where you want to reserve a room immediately ... As soon as you see the decoration, of course, because the eclectic mix of styles that defines each corner seems straight out of a movie. Do you dare to take a look? Of course, go packing your bags!

Advertising - Keep reading below Eclectic luxury

The mix of pieces vintage with modern furniture creates an atmosphere of the most chic It reflects the personality of the artist.

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Stairs to paradise

The neutral colored walls allow to play with the contrast of tones in the furniture. How about?

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The charm of the past

Many of the paintings belong to the collection of Bobbi and her husband. In addition, the gray background allows the works to stand out with more intensity!

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Pieces that fall in love

Can you imagine arriving at the hotel room and finding a red SMEG minibar? Words are unnecessary…

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Today's Amenities

As modern as the decoration is, there is always a detail that reminds of the past, such as Kennedy's photo on the bedside table ...

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Industrial chic

The hotel is full of contrasts, and we love it! Like this bathroom with exposed brick walls ...

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Reading corner

When we travel, we don't usually spend a lot of time inside the hotel, but I'm sure you don't want to leave this one! Have you ever seen a reading corner with so much class?

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