IKEA designs 4 apartments within Primavera Sound

IKEA designs 4 apartments within Primavera Sound

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The origins of La Casa IKEA

IKEA opens the doors of its "house" in Primavera Sound with four apartments of 35 square meters located in the heart of the festival. For the first time in history, #IKEAenSpringSound It will allow you to enjoy the festival by creating a comfortable, cozy and trendy home.

Within a structure that simulates the iconic flat cardboard package of IKEA, the apartments will be inhabited by tenants who will live this experience in a pioneering way in Spain and in the world.

Tenants attending Primavera Sound

Among the tenants of the apartments are Begoña Rueda @dospuntobego, the winner of the contest that the company launched through its social networks to find the perfect tenant for the festival. Other guests invited to CASA IKEA are the Barcelona singer Carlos Sadness, who will be staying at Casa URBÅN, and Andrea Compton, a well-known youtuber and artist who will reside at Casa NÖRDIC accompanied by several friends.

The interior design project

The four apartments have been built within a module that simulates a flat IKEA package, and they have everything you need to live a festival as if you were in your own home: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, as well as household items and Small household appliances. In addition, they are located in a privileged position within the festival itself, near the Forum beach and overlooking the sea.

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The decoration projects have been developed by the IKEA interior design team, led by Lorenzo Meazza and María Lizarraga, and are designed to accommodate four guests who love music and festivals. When designing them they have been inspired by the latest decorative trends and different musical styles that will be present at the festival, such as indie rock, pop, electronics and urban.

NÖRDIC: Andrea Compton's house

Here the youtuber Andrea Compton, a born-fashion trend follower who also loves pop music, and who during the festival, will be able to see some of her favorite groups.

The house, following the personal style of the artist, has been decorated following a range of white and neutral colors, with simple lines. A very Nordic interior design that will bring you the necessary harmony to relax after the concerts.

Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA

URBÅN: The refuge of Carlos Sadness

Inspired by the city that never sleeps, the house of Carlos Sadness reflects that transgressive urban style thanks to metal furniture, and soft materials such as skin and dark colors reminiscent of Brooklyn lofts.

And is that Carlos Sadness is passionate about motorcycles, cars, partying, meetings with friends, and especially, trap / rap music, with which he makes "covers" that hangs on his social networks.

Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA

GRËEN: The green paradise of Begoña Rueda

The GRËEN house is the most environmentally conscious home. Here lives a couple who loves electronic music and who want to feel free, fleeing corporatism and the established. They know that the resources of our planet are not infinite, that's why their apartment is made up of products made from natural fibers and recycled materials. Bamboo, cotton and other handmade elements of IKEA are the protagonists of this house green.

Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA Courtesy of IKEA

BON VIVÅNT: A sophisticated atmosphere within the festival

This house is perfect for a “bon vivant” who likes to go to urban and trendy festivals like Primavera Sound. He loves indie / rock bands and having that "I saw this band before anyone else" feeling. He is not passionate about decoration but his house has to be sophisticated. Sofa, puffs and velvet bed, dark colored textiles and sober furniture, bring distinction to this house to enjoy the festival as a true “vividor”.

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