The transformation of this dining room is amazing

The transformation of this dining room is amazing

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Nury Bald

Before becoming a bright and lively space, the dining room of Nury Calvo and his family, despite being spacious, did not finish taking off the whole game. Furniture too dark in wenge tones, and a poor distribution, were to blame for the situation.

The owner's greatest desire was to turn it into a functional area, and therefore, looking for storage solutions was one of the key points of the reform. The interior design team of Ikea was responsible for carrying out the transformation of the space. Check out the photos from before ...

Related content Exam rooms 🙋 It was like that at the beginning. Nury Bald The original dining room table could only accommodate six people, and the absence of carpets, along with such a small mirror, made this area isolated and soulless. Nury Bald Again, the absence of carpets and the darkness of the furniture, conceived a cold and narrow space, as if the pieces had been placed at random. Nury Bald

The first change was to paint the walls white, to bring more light to the environment, and decorate one of them in blue. Although another element that marked the before and after, was the new lighting.

Related content Lounges with a lot of 'lagom': the new Danish 'hygge' The new furniture around the television, has much more storage space than the previous one, and being finished in a soft gray color, provides more luminosity than the wenge. Nury Bald Now the dining room has gained light and space, with a table for eight people that breathes warmth thanks to the carpet that rests at your feet. The mirror, without frame and wider, adds a lot of depth, and the plants finish completing the look fresh and natural Nury Bald

Do not miss the video below, where Nury Calvo explains step by step how the reform was. You will think that it is another house!