Get a story house with these garlands of lights

Get a story house with these garlands of lights

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There is nothing more cozy than a dim room lit by a garland of lightsAnd the good thing is that they adapt to all styles! You can be inspired by Stranger Thingsget a boho chic look, or recreate a fantasy forest, the decision is only yours! But whatever it is, you will need one of these garlands in your life ... Do not miss them!

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The pastel colors have reached the garlands of lights ... and they are so beautiful!

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A style lounge boho It will not be complete without this garland with golden balls ...

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If your thing with flamingos is pure attraction, you are already taking time to buy this garland!

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Full color

Red and orange, two colors that will fill any space with personality.

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If you live under the permanent influence of Cupid, this garland of pink hearts will leave you even painted!

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With golden squares, perfect to get a very feminine corner!

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If you have a terrace at home, this garland of LED lights will give you a very festive air.

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Your memories

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing your best memories illuminated by such cute little lights?

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If you like the classic, with this garland of stars you will live Christmas throughout the year!

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Are you a cactus fan? Well now you can also have them in the form of lights!

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They won't be from Tiffany, but they will be beautiful on your wall!

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Oriental inspiration

Inspired by Chinese lanterns, this garland of lights is perfect for decorating your seedlings.

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