A flat with a stately past

A flat with a stately past

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Located in a centennial building of El Barcelona widening, the reform of this house was entrusted to the study of Pia Capdevila, Interior Design & Events. It was about getting a more current distribution that would take full advantage of its very irregular floor, both on the facade and towards the interior of the house. The challenge was also to keep all those original elements of the floor, which were to provide a stately air and more personality to the rooms, such as the vault roof and carpentry. After the reform, the house retains that retro and chic aesthetics thanks to the recovery of the hydraulic tile original in those areas where it was still in good condition, but also to the soils that evoke it when, due to its deterioration, its restoration was not possible.

Pia Capdevila I&E's studio found the ideal partner for both, a warm wooden platform, which gives visual continuity to the environments. Also key in the radical change of the house was the suppression of many partitions and, above all, the creation of a large day area and a bedroom suite. The common area begins, in reality, in a transitional space, without windows, in the direction of the facade; There is the dining room. From it, without mediating partitions, the kitchen is accessed directly, and through two vain, to the living room, with rectangular plan and three balconies to the street; One of them, lookout.

In the master bedroom, with a very irregular floor plan, the study projected a bold distribution with an excellent result. In the rest area, the distribution was conditioned by a fireplace of elegant mouthpiece and a large window. Therefore the bed, with elegant canopy, is located in the center. Thus, behind its headboard there is a free wall, perfect for locating a front of built-in cabinets, from floor to ceiling, and with a refined design. For the bathroom of this room, which is accessed from the closet area, it was decided to create a serene environment, with a natural color palette, where porcelain and wood textures acquire full prominence.

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The ceiling vaults, painted in white, propagate the abundant luminosity of the living room, a space where the absolute protagonists are the couple of chester sofas and the coffee table, acquired in a brocante of La Bisbal, a trio that prints authenticity to the environment. Vical sofas. Cushions and carpet, from BSB. Coffee table, by Antic Rocamora. On it, tray with glasses, of Little House; and balls, from Bossvi. Reformation and interior design, by Pia Capdevila.


It is achieved with a mix of decorative accessories. Sofas and coffee tables admit multiple options, but to get it right, look at the houses we publish. Vical sofa. Cushions, from BSB. Coffee table, by Antic Rocamora.


The furniture in the living area harmonizes with the stately style of the house, although its vintage essence is updated with the bursts of color and the contrasting motifs provided by the cushions and the chic design of the floor lamps. White furniture, designed by Pia Capdevilla's studio. Mirror, from Little House. Blankets, baskets and black coffee tables, by Matèria. Lamps: in old gold, from Little House; and black, by Antic Rocamora. Cupboard by Thomas Carsten. Tree and balls, from Bossvi.


A couple of candles placed in maxi lanterns give the room an extra warmth. A decorative detail of vintage aesthetics that is infallible to create atmosphere and that, in addition, by incorporating a handle, it is easy to move to other corners of the room. The lanterns and the side table, in the background, are from Little House.


Decorating with two identical pieces brings elegance. Use this style trick that conveys order and balance, with figures, vases, lamps ... Deer, Very Much. Side table, by Matèria.


The new distribution of the house makes the dining room the anteroom of the living room. It communicates with him through two large openings that fill it with light. Table and ceiling lamp, Hanbel. Chairs, from Pilma. Skin, from Little House. Cushion with deer print, Very Very Much. Stars on the walls, made by Marisa Bernal.


The glass with black iron profiles prints a factory air to the decoration and gives the space more personality. It is a bridge design that acts as a transition element between the kitchen and the dining room. A success, the choice of the ceiling lamp with light bulbs and industrial look. Glazed structure, designed by Pia Capdevila I&E. Black dinnerware, by Pilma. Cups and candle holders, from Little House. Table runner and napkin rings, by Matèria. The branches and the transparent glass vases are from Bossvi.


It is achieved instantly with candles. Protected in elegant decorated glass vases produce magical flashes. Candle holder, from Little House. Snowflakes and Merry Christmas tray by Blaubloom.


The subway tile, white furniture and countertop create a spectacular contrast with the walls painted in red, a tone that wastes character and energy. Kitchen designed by Pia Capdevila I&E, with lacquered furniture and countertop, white Krion. Bell by Neff.


It was projected without partitions, open to the dining room, to create a feeling of greater amplitude in both
the circulation much more fluid. However, an element designed by the study visually delimits its space. It is a glass with black iron profiles, very factory, which with its bridge design, frames and enhances it. The combination of underground, locked, and hydraulic tile, gives the space a retro chic aesthetic, which gains character with vibrant red. The kitchen has a vintage aesthetic, but its equipment does not. The lacquer furniture is refined and the countertop is Krion, a new generation material developed by the Porcelanosa Group.


The floor, which mimics the hydraulic tile, is a focus of attention with its geometries and a key element to recreate that style in the kitchen, but also unifies the white-red duo and nuances the chromatic intensity. Pavement Neocimfrom Kerion. Stools and word Cuisine, by Maisons du Monde. Lamps, from Foimpex. Stars, from Bossvi. Tray and flakes, from Blaubloom.


The decoration of the children's bedroom, which retains the original floor of the house once rehabilitated, takes as its starting point the colors present in the tile. The result is a harmonious and welcoming environment. Stepped furniture designed by Pia Capdevila's studio. Cloth garland, from Filocolore. Led strip, from Jardiland. Piano, by Imaginarium.


The bar bed, with vintage design, harmonizes with a unique bedside table, which is a replica of a mini-scale port container. Plus of charm: the led garland that adds a theatrical effect to the decoration. Bed, bedside table and lamp, by Maisons du Monde. Bedding, from Filocolore. Crystal balls and slippers, Very Very Much. Paper stars, from Blaubloom.


In the bedroom, the bed captures all the attention with its refined canopy, its location in the center of the room, and the hydraulic floor which, being surrounded by the platform, de facto becomes a carpet. Canopy bed, designed by Pia Capdevilla I&E. Slim ceiling lamp, by Vibia. Bedside table, plain cushions and blankets, by Matèria. Deer, Very Very Much. Bedding, from Filocolore. On the floor, artificial leather, from Little House and balls, from Bossvi. Caprice tile by Equipe.


The idea of ​​placing the bed in the center of the bedroom is a complete success, because it approximates the window and the fireplace, and allows you to take advantage of a whole wall with fitted wardrobes, which in this photo, are reflected in the mirror. Armchair, mirror and candle holder, by Little House. Cushion, hearts, deer, fur ball and socks, Very Very. Blanket of the armchair and table, by Matèria. Led strips,
from Jardiland. Tree from Bossvi.


Deer evoke wildlife and nature, and are a focal point on the fireplace in the bedroom.
With mountain houses, a look is also created cottage. Deer, Very Very Much


The usual motifs are updated, have a more Nordic air and their design is refined. The trendiest: figures with led lights. Estrella, from Little House. Snowflake, from Blaubloom.


Natural tones, textures and wood create a serene atmosphere in the bathroom. A space with fluid circulation from the bedroom, since it has direct access through a bay. Furniture and countertop designed by Pia Capdevila I&E. Roca washbasin. Wall tap, from Tres Taps. Wall light, by Maisons du Monde. On the wall, porcelain Newport Naturalfrom Porcelanosa. Towels, from Filocolore. Cestitos, from La Maison. Estrella, from Little House. Snowflakes, from Blaubloom. Carpets, from Ikea.


It is always a pleasure to see well-organized toiletries and cosmetics. When it is done well and order and style are allied, they are as attractive as hotel amenities! A floral arrangement or a branch, like this one from Bossvi, adds charm.


Housing plan.


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