10 bedrooms to feel the magic

10 bedrooms to feel the magic

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Trees, little houses, castles ... Everything goes when it comes to children's bedrooms! In addition to arriving home with a permanent smile, knowing that they have their own fantasy world will allow them some independence to develop their imagination. Join us to take a look at the most original proposals?

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If you have a little Scott Kelly at home, this rocket-shaped chair will help you practice your future trips to the red planet. And don't tell us that the starry roof is not a pass!

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Cinderella's carriage has been rolling to her bedroom, and she won't move!

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Surfer soul

If you came out with passion for the waves, sleeping in a Volkswagen next to your surfboard will be a dream come true.

Pinterest: Alejandra

For mermaids

Continuing with the marine theme, this shell-shaped bed is perfect for your little mermaid. And with star cushions!

Pinterest: Valentina

The tree house

Who said the tree had to be real? Although realistic is a while, and surely you have not seen in your life an access to the loft more original than this!

Pinterest: Victoria Quezada


In this bedroom for panda lovers, the carpet is a circuit for cars!

Pinterest: Elín Rós Arnlaugsdóttir

A floral teepee

Floral and very, very feminine! A teepee boho-chic for the fashionist of the house

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Knock Knock!

Is there someone at home? Or rather, in this beautiful rustic-style cabin!

Pinterest: Alejandra Rancruel Caro

All in one

Bed, desk and playground. This is to take advantage of the space in conditions!

Pinterest: Rachel Mongeon

In a castle

The classic game of princes and princesses is reinvented with this dream bedroom!

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