The bedrooms that every teenager would like to have

The bedrooms that every teenager would like to have

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When adolescence arrives, children transform... So it is very possible that the girl in your eyes begins to fill her bedroom with posters of her idols, or beg you to buy her a bigger closet to store her new clothes acquisitions (get ready to try 58345897857 different styles during these years). But whatever it is, What is clear is that changes in decoration are approaching, and prevention is betterdon't you think Well, let's go there!

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Roses, yellows, and the most cheerful decoration inspired by ... pineapples!

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Surfer in action

If you live all year long waiting for the summer to catch the surfboard, this bedroom will take away some anxiety ...

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Plants in the air

Easier to care for, impossible! They do not need water and they will always be equally beautiful ... on the wall!

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Cutting edge technology

If your daughter is addicted to new technologies, in this bedroom she will have plenty of space to enjoy all her gadgets. And you to contemplate it as if you were before R2D2 ...

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His vocation is music? Then go buy yourself some caps, because with this bedroom you will spend every night ... playing the guitar!

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This bedroom will make her fall in love in such a way that she will never want to become independent, so be careful, because maybe you are bothered to go to the Maldives when you retire ...

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Non stop!

If your child is one of those who seems to have a riot integrated, this bedroom in yellow tones bears his name! Energetic, functional, comfortable ... What do you think?

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Your sewing room

In the bedroom! Although more than sewing room, we could say showroom, and that is often wallpaper!

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All in one

Study, sleep, play ... With a structure like this you will have everything you need at hand.

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Future mountaineers

Do you spend weekends in the mountains? Well, with such a bedroom, motivation will never be lacking!

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Fashionista soul

With open cupboards, to expose your collection of clothes and accessories ... as if they were the crown jewels!

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Green is still one of the trend colors, and it is normal, since it represents nature! But if you choose it in a tone as vivid as this, you will give it the energy it needs when the alarm does not fulfill its function ...

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For girls it

A bedroom as modern as it is functional, with plenty of storage space under the bed and in the closet. So there will be no complaint worth!

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Spring Message

Now that spring is coming, this decorative wall vinyl ... you will love it!

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