The shopping list you were waiting for to save on the back to school

The shopping list you were waiting for to save on the back to school

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Summer has come to an end and the little ones of the house begin to flutter from one place to another with their endless lists of textbooks, the illusion to release a new backpack, the desire to see their friends ... And, let's admit it, the back to school It is an event for which we must be prepared, both psychologically and economically.

But how Wasting money is not a dish of good taste for no one, why don't you take a look at our list of shopping more school and invest that saving in giving yourself a whim?

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Without forgetting Amazon

Is schedule so beautiful guarded by the friendliest animals in the forest will be your best ally so that no task remains pending.

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2 Learning culture Amazon

Art is one of the subjects that will mark you most during your school life, so… why not enhance your love for culture with this Mexican painter Frida Kahlo's filing cabinet?

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3 colored apples Amazon

No, they don't eat, because these little apples are actually sharpener most cute!

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4 yam Amazon

In September it is still warm, and an ice cream in conditions always fancy, right? But since they can't eat it inside the classroom, it stimulates their imagination with these sharpener cone shaped!

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5 Flexibility of Olympic gymnast Amazon

For one side, for the other, curled up ... These colored pencils with eraser Included are the most fun!

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6 Colorinchis Amazon

If you are a fan of pens, you are, there is no explanation to look for or possible remedy for it. So, if you want to make your little creature happy, give it away set of 10 aesthetic pens kawaiiThat he will love as soon as he sees them.

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7 protected fingers Amazon

If you want to avoid the painful calluses in your fingers, or correct your way of writing, buy them pencil grips available in various colors for right and left handed.

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8 Drawing with Mickey Amazon

With such case of the most famous mouse of the Disney factory, his classmates will want to have an equal one!

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9 State of the art technology Amazon

In the past, to go back to school you just needed pencil and paper. Today, have a tablet It can speed up children's work a lot. Of course, whenever the teacher requires it.

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10 Chic Polka Dots Amazon

The fashion designer of the moment, Dolores Promises, also has a school section most irresistible, how are you navy blue backpack with white polka dots.

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11 Neutral Amazon

Is gray backpack It is perfect to fit all styles and activities: go to school, train, hike ...

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12 To paint Amazon

Who has not ever enjoyed the freedom to draw on a blank canvas with a box of colored waxes as cool as you are from the brand Plastidecor?

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