This was DecorAcción 2018

This was DecorAcción 2018

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In the Barrio de las Letras, every June, and for 9 years, we celebrate DecorAcción, the biggest decoration party on the streets. It is already a custom in Madrid!

An antiquarian market with more than 100 stalls, interventions in shop windows, restaurants, bars, hotels and facades of the neighborhood by large interior designers and decorators, interior design students and emerging designers. A sight for the eyes and the senses.

Many firms accompanied us, organizing workshops, concerts, competitions and much more. Check out everything that happened in Barrio de las Letras.


This year Mahou organized two competitions: the traditional Balcony Contests, which adds so much color to the neighborhood, and Mahou Street Art, through Instagram, with two categories.

In the photo: The winners of the Balcony Contest and the Mahou Street Art contest.


In the Plaza de Santa Ana and Plaza de Platerías, the installations made by Simona Garufi for Hyundai were the protagonists.

In the photo: Installation in the Silverware Square of Simona Garufi for Hyundai.
Car: Hyundai IONIQ electric.


The Opening Party of DecorAcción 2018 this year was held outdoors in the emblematic Plaza de las Cortes in Madrid and Royal Bliss, as in recent years, was present with one of the busiest bars during the event.

In the photo: Royal Bliss bar at the Opening Party of DecorAcción 2018.


Solán is another of the firms that usually accompany us. This year, in Siluro Concept they made an installation with the students of IADE and carried out children's workshops with great acceptance among the smallest public of DecorAcción.

Photo: Bar by Solán de Cabras at the DecorAcción 2018 Opening Party.


As every year, Rocío Esquilas and Carlos Roma, from Estudio Roma & Ro, organized the Quedada Bloguera, in which they meet bloggers from all over the country to attend exclusive workshops, such as ASCER, where they explained ceramic trends of the moment.

In the photo: ASCER Workshop for the Bloguera Quedada.

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