The flowers are the protagonists

The flowers are the protagonists

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Choosing the perfect pot and plant is something like that time to combine dress and heel. Delicious, exciting and flirtatious. Choose well the corner you want to decorate giving a touch of floral life and dare with new species of simple care. Here, all the tricks:

1. On shelves and terraces

Choose colored pots to decorate these places where natural light is the main photo of attention. These are the most optimal conditions for planting, for example, peppermint. Simple care plants that require a lot of sun, a lot of water and that bring pleasant aromas to the environment.

2. For Nordic styles

On wood, choose worn cement pots or transparent glass. These models are perfect for planting cactus or crass and achieve a Nordic aesthetic result. An accurate option in small spaces.

3. A corner in yellow

Prepare the ground in summer by creating beautiful yellow centers where pots and flowers are combined monochromatically. A good option is to do it by planting chrysanthemums. A beautiful combination of colors for summer in any corner of your garden.

4. To hang

Metal models with handles can give a lot of play when hanging them from wooden structures such as the beams of a porch or even a sturdy tree. Plant some ribbons on them, they are easy to care for and the branches of the tree or the structure of the beam will give you the shade you need.

5. Rustic Finishes

The technique of embossing on metal is perfect for choosing pots that add a rustic touch to your garden. Dare to plant in this type of pots a beautiful center of Belloritas or meadow daisies.

6. In vessels

The classic vessels with a certain height will be a perfect complement if what you want is to add a decorative touch through bare branches.

7. Pots and flowers for long periods

Choose weatherproof materials to create durable floral centers. Nothing better than the classic clay models, perfect containers to create a beautiful corner with Mirabilis (or Don Diego at night). They are very hard plants and easily resist hard periods of drought or cold. You can enjoy these pots for long periods in the open.

8. For an urban mini-garden

Increasingly, metal pots are settling on the podium of favorites for kitchen shelves, where you can create a small urban garden with a few seeds of aromatic plants. Oregano, parsley, peppermint ... the green touch on these containers is the perfect combination.

Advertising - Keep reading below Spheres full of natural life

The most impressive plants will find in these spheres their special natural ally. Get it with spherical cane or bamboo panels in which to tangle ivy and flowers. Place it on a forge structure or galvanized iron. This idea is from Affari.

Centers carried out by experts

The Madrid florist Sally L. Hambleton does things as precious as you are. Natural flower centers in all colors combined with green branches. All this in a beautiful round glass vase with a cream bow that will be luxurious in any corner of your house or in the garden.

Crystal ideas

Combine different colorful natural flowers with green branches of ferns in a beautiful transparent glass vase with a giant cup. On the steps of the stairs will be masterful. Get inspired by this Affari idea.

Floral centers in baskets

The green plants in baskets of braided wool, wicker or raffia will be enough to decorate the proche or the terrace. Affari proposal.

the most delicate flowers

You can make one more version Light and elegant by introducing small roses in bottles or small glass vases. This idea of ​​Affari has conquered us.

Basket with vegetables and roses

This idea of ​​Sally L. Hambleton that we love to decorate: a center made in a wicker basket with vegetables and roses. Wonderful!

Bouquets in pots

You can also choose small centers made in mini pots full of color with all kinds of species. This one is from Interflora.


You will always be beautiful. Create bouquets like this, full of species in the same color range, such as fuchsia. They will give color and life to any corner of your house placed on a tray or vase. It's from Aquarelle.


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