A small house for three

A small house for three

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Susana, our reader, wanted to share the decoration of his house, a small flat of 60 square meters in those who lived single. With the years and the increase of the family they have adapted to the needs in the same house. Now there are three at home.

A completely renovated kitchen in white, a small bathroom with shower to gain space, a room that joined the hallway of the house to gain breadth ... Dose of ingenuity to take advantage of the meters. As passionate about decoration, she cannot be "still." I always think about changes and see new possibilities. In fact, some of the pieces we see in this gallery are customized by her. Susana is the author of Blog

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Susana opens the doors of her house to discover how she has ingeniously decorated each corner, adapting it to the needs of a family with a girl. She has been in charge of shaping the space and has gradually reformed and decorated to her liking.

The living room

The original hall of the house was joined to the living room to extend the stay.

Susana converted the painting in the living room. It was a design that she no longer liked and on the back she drew a flag that fit the decoration.

On the sofa, blue cushions, from Ikea, and in black, from H&M Home. The blanket of hair is of the signature Texture.

With warehouse space

View from the living room from behind the sofa. The living room furniture offers storage capacity.

A custom furniture

In this corner of the room, which acts as a hall, between doors, Susana put her touch do it yourself The white lockers were before red (Ikea design). Susana's husband cut the legs of one and placed it on the other. Susana painted them in white and added a wooden board as an envelope to give warmth to the new furniture. Lamp and mirror, by Leroy Merlin.

Striped wall

The horizontal striped wall visually lengthens the space and the wall. Here, a detail of the furniture made by Susana and her husband from two metal lockers.

Distribution area

Distribution area: detail of the doors and the wall poster.

The kitchen

Susana reformed the kitchen a few years ago. As he loves to change and experiment, he opted for white furniture, very neutral, and he papered the walls. Paper, purchased at the store on line Roles of the 70s. The letters on the bell are from Lery Merlin.

Worktop and front of work in Silestone

The countertop, the front of the work area and the floor contrast with the white.

Office wallpaper

View of the wall on which the office, wallpaper with a paper of classic motifs. An option that contrasts with the functionality of the furniture and provides an aesthetic plus.

Natural light

The natural light is sifted with a white color that does not reduce the brightness of the room.

Well used

Behind the door, a television. Then high furniture in column in L, to take advantage of the space. The rest combines tall furniture and low modules.

A cute office corner

Coquettish, practical and mini. A table and a couple of stools.


The bathroom is small and our reader opted to grant it spaciousness with a shower.

A classic mirror, acquired at El Rastro in Madrid, is on top of the sink. Soap dispenser and tray, Zara Home (a touch of color).

Walls that clarify

The dark floor and furniture are brightened with the rest of the coverings and the natural light of the shower window. The plate and the blank wall. Outside the shower area, the walls are decorated with a tile base and paint in the upper area.

Extra warehouse space

Next to the sink, a storage column.

The children's bedroom

The bedroom of the small house has Ikea furniture in white. The bed is a model that becomes a double bed in case you are invited to sleep. It also has drawers to organize toys.

Next to the dresser, woven poufs with trapillo by Susana.

The convertible bed

The bedding brings color. The cushions are from Zara Home, Ikea and from a store called La Miguina de Pan. And the cushion-shaped cushions, were made by the girl's grandmother.


The closet takes advantage of the space with a module in L.

Veiled table and lamp, purchased at El Rastro and painted by our reader.

DIY details on the wall

The garland is made with old Christmas lights to which Susana placed glasses from the Tiguer store. The painting with the letter "M", the initial of the name of the little girl, was painted by our reader. It is clear that he has a hand for crafts.

A lovely corner

Decorative pieces that create a special atmosphere in the master bedroom: next to the standing mirror with silver frame, a metal stool with a hair seat and a mannequin with a lace body.

The dummy was picked up by Susana from a store that wanted to get rid of him and upholstered with the same fabric as the curtains (Ikea design). As a foot, that of an old lamp, painted in white.

Ceiling lamp with history

Detail of the ceiling lamp, which hangs in the master bedroom, rescued from El Rastro, in Madrid, and installed as is.


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