Gianni Versace's mansion is now a luxury hotel in Miami Beach

Gianni Versace's mansion is now a luxury hotel in Miami Beach

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Serial killer Andrew Cunanan murdered Gianni Versace on the steps of the designer's mansion in Miami Beach in 1997, and now those stone steps are the backdrop for dozens of daily tourist photos.

But now tourists (and fans of the next miniseries ofAmerican Crime Story) Not only can they photograph the house, they can also stay in the luxurious Versace mansion. Take a look and discover the luxurious boutique hotel known as Villa Casa Casuarina.

Advertising - Keep reading below The spectacular house of Gianni Versace

The three-story building was originally built as an apartment complex by Alden Freeman, a descendant of Mayflower and heir to Standard Oil, in 1930.

In 1992, Versace bought the original house for $ 2.95 million and the neighboring hotel Revere 3.7 million. Some 32 million were also spent on the reforms that included the demolition of the Revere to create a swimming pool, a garden and a new south wing of the house.

Versace converted the 24 apartments into 10 large suites.

Hotel Villa Casa Casuarina

The Victor Hotels hotel group paid $ 41.5 million for the property at a 2013 auction. (According to reports, Donald Trump also submitted an offer).

Impressive the great mosaic of Medusa's head that Versace commissioned.

The pool

The spectacular pool is decorated with 24-carat gold tiles.

Gianni's Restaurant

In addition to the rooms, the Gianni's restaurant "offers a delicious selection of Italian and Mediterranean food and wines." The menu includes gnocchi di granchio, with New Orleans blue crab, vermouth, shallots, parmigiano-reggiano, truffles and filetto di manzo rossini, the famous Wagyu filet mignon, pomme confit, grilled asparagus, Foie gras grilled, and Bordelaise jus.

A drink at the bar

Reservations are required for dinner at the restaurant, but guests can have a drink at the hotel bar.

American Crime Story series scenario

American Crime StoryIt was filmed for about a month at the hotel.

Producer Ryan Murphy told the New York Post that he couldn't believe he was allowed to film the series right there. "I don't think I could have done the series if I hadn't got the house," he said. "There was no way we could build something similar. Two of the rooms were made of seashells. Gianni Versace's sister, Donatella Versace took all the furniture and artwork when she sold the house, but through photos and images we have been able to recreate the environments ".

Central courtyard

A resident artist is responsible for the maintenance of the works of art that Versace commissioned for the house.

"In fact, we have retained what Versace created and we have improved it with some modern details for the convenience of our hotel guests and restaurant customers," Chauncey Copeland, hotel manager, told the Associated Press.

A suite with history

The Villa Suite It is the old room of Gianni Versace.

Venus Suite

The Venus Suite was her sister Donatella Versace's room.

Rates for suites like this range from $ 1,199 per night.

A hotel near the beach

The hotel is located on Ocean Drive, a few meters from the Atlantic coast.

Azure Suite

The Azure suite, blue and cream, includes a size bed king and two full rooms with large beds and sofas.

Superior Suite

The rates for a Superior Suite, like this one, range from $ 749 per night.

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