How to enjoy a safe holiday with children

How to enjoy a safe holiday with children

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What care should be taken when doing sports?

The best time to do it is first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. Children should be hydrated, drinking fluids frequently, even if they are not thirsty. Apply protective cream and wear light, light and breathable fabrics. Stimulates the practice of swimming since childhood, to avoid drowning, and teach them not to enter sharply into the water and make proper digestion. You will avoid possible scares.

If you are going to ride in bike or scooter with your children, don't forget to put the helmet and give them some basic tips of circulation To ensure your safety.

What are the most frequent home mishaps?

It is estimated that during the holiday period, domestic accidents increase by 25%, the most frequent being burns, bone fractures, trauma, poisoning, cuts or choking. Store medications and cleaning products on tall furniture, out of reach; do not put toxic substances in soda containers; prevent them from connecting electrical appliances and do not let them play in the kitchen. Take special care with fans and open windows. You must remember that it is equally important to prevent accidents by taking measures such as teaching them to avoid them by themselves.

That insects do not ruin your day to day

If your children are going to spend part of the summer outdoors, either in the countryside, on the beach or in a camp, be prepared to prevent these unexpected guests. Insect repellent is essential, either in lotion or cream, as it will reduce mosquito bites, horseflies, wasps ... etc. Before your child starts scratching his head, use an anti-lice product, they don't eliminate them but they do repel them, preventing them from nesting. Pay special attention to tick bites as they can cause infections. When you return from the field, look at your armpits, English and neck. If you go to the beach, jellyfish can ruin your day. If any itch, wash the area with serum or salt water, never with fresh water. Apply cold 15 min and do not rub.


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