Tips to keep the bathroom clear and in perfect order

Tips to keep the bathroom clear and in perfect order

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When organizing the bathroom Keep in mind a series of keys. The first and main one is have only what we really use. Everything that has not been renewed for more than three months, is because it is not used, so that it was. Never store anything that does not have continuous rotation. Find a place for everything. Get used to always having the same thing in the same place, so you will find it first. Use containers that adapt in size to the hole you have available and store jars, cans, perfumes ...


Keys to success. Try to have only the essentials, it must be a practical and functional room. Choose the right furniture and take advantage of all the storage possibilities, to have everything at hand when you need it. From an old piece to the most modern cart, through drawers and shelves.

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Effective distribution. Leave the sink countertop very clear and store the products in groups; the daily have it always at hand. Use the dividers to divide the drawers into specific spaces. The transparent ones are perfect to see everything at first sight. At the bottom, put what you use less: the hair dryer, the hair straightener ...


When looking for storage areas, we forget to take advantage of the walls that are free. If you have a flush-mounted toilet, make a work shelf On the shelf, you will add extra space and will not give you feeling overwhelmed. In addition, it is very practical to place the tools that we should have on hand.

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Take advantage if you have any setbacks or unevenness in the shower and make a niche. Put the gel and shampoo and do not expose the replacement products.


The mirrored cabinets They are very functional, since they are designed to optimize space, have little background and also increase the brightness. You have them with shelves interiors, to place the products according to their categories, being able to assign a shelf to each member of the family.

Most contain junction boxes and plugs and built-in light, creating greater sense of spaciousness.


If you have an open auxiliary furniture, the boxes and baskets They are perfect to organize. You can put them in the same material, fiber or metal, and the same color, giving greater sense of order. Take advantage of dead areas, such as columns, or the door and place a towel rack or bathrobe.

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Another bet is mobile furniture, such as cars with wheels and stairs, barely occupy space, are multipurpose and easy to move. You will have an extra space and you will bring a plus of style.


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