A completely renovated family home

A completely renovated family home

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A house of 120 m2 with many possibilities but in need of a total change to adapt its spaces to the needs of a family with 2 teenage children. Sandra de Benito, architect and interior decorator, was in charge of the project and optimizing the distribution of the environments. She always has in mind the way she works that "A fresh and original idea can make the most of your home."

The meters are divided into three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one of them open to the master bedroom and dressing room), a kitchen and a large living room. Interior design bets on soft tones. The wall balm brings luminosity and makes the laminate floor in oak wood stand out.

The couple's children needed their personal space so Sandra de Benito was clear that she had to create specific bedrooms for each one. The couple works in the same company -Centralias- he as an engineer and she as a farm manager. Everyone likes to enjoy the house and the moments they spend together in it. They demanded well-lit and comfortable environments in which to enjoy their hobbies together (point, cooking, reading, board games, cinema ...)

Hence, the interior decorator created a practically common room for the living room, dining room and kitchen. This area is a daily meeting point and on the weekend, the owners like to meet their friends while preparing a meal or dinner.

In the gallery you will see the result, stay by stay, and the state in which the house was before.

Sandra de Benito is the author of the Boho Chic Style blog where she collects her projects and everything that inspires her. Always up to date with trends in decoration and architecture, which applies to both homes and premises.

Advertising - Keep reading below A family room

With space to gather the whole family (and more) around a table. Two sofas and a large armchair in front of a modular composition for audiovisuals. The tones, neutral with darker notes in some details.

The hall

On the wall that limits the kitchen hall, Sandra de Benito, the architect in charge of the project, opened a glass opening that allows the light to reach the entrance to the house. It is topped with a support shelf and thus the area is freed of furniture. In the background access to the lounge.

Living room

With large doses of natural light, the space is shared by the living room and dining room.

A warehouse front

Where the decorative aspect has also been taken care of. High and low furniture with storage capacity, the TV and decorative accessories in an extra that give personality.

Well connected kitchen

This view shows access from the living room to the kitchen. With this solution all zones are integrated, facilitating the passage and communication.

Discreet front of closets

Along the corridor, a closet front.

The kitchen

The kitchen was projected to the millimeter so that it had storage space, work surface and a practical and functional mini office.

All in neutral tones with glass fronts in the work area. The countertop extends on a peninsula like a breakfast bar.

A bright kitchen

The kitchen receives natural light from the living room. The coatings and colors chosen enhance its luminosity. The wood of the floor undoubtedly heats the environment. The front of the sink is the one that corresponds to the glazed opening of the hall.

View of the kitchen

Another view of the kitchen.

Main bedroom

The master bedroom has an integrated bathroom and an area, previously corresponding to a terrace, also integrated into the rest area. In it a work corner has been created.

On the headboard, a custom furniture run with shelves on each side of the bed, as a bedside table.

Dressing room

At the entrance to the room, the dressing area with floor to ceiling cabinets.

The study

The study table of the master bedroom rests on one of the shelves created between the pillar and the wall, in the transition between the sleeping area of ​​the bedroom and the terrace converted into a studio.

In front of the studio ...

A dresser that serves as a storage support for the desk or to store accessories.

From the bathroom to the bedroom

View from the bathroom integrated in the master bedroom to the bedroom.

The front of the sink

The front of the sink is double, with furniture finished in natural wood. This bathroom has a shower with acid glass screen.

Youth bedroom

One of the bedrooms, youthful air, with a comfortable and spacious study area in front of the window.

Second bathroom

The second bathroom is divided into two spaces: one with a double basin front with very little depth and a shower and the other, independent by an acid glass enclosure with the toilet and bidet.

Low fund

In this photograph you can see the little bottom of the washbasin cabinet. In this way the space is clearer and it has been possible to create a comfortable work shower.

Black & white bedroom

Another bedroom with bunk beds and study area. This system of beds leaves the room clear.

Before the reform ...

This was the house before the reform.

The kitchen before the reform

The kitchen before the reform.

Bedroom before the reform

Bedroom before the reform.

Before the reform

Before the reform.

Before the reform

Before the reform.

Before the reform

Before the reform.


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