The house of Balamoda, a beautiful chalet from the 50s

The house of Balamoda, a beautiful chalet from the 50s

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Since childhood I had dreamed of a house with stairs, like the Americans, a special place to gather my friends and with a large playground for children. ”This is how Belén Canalejo - creator of the blog B * a la Moda - tells us how the story of his famous House of Dreams. “Three years ago, in the middle of the night, a real estate ad entered my mobile and when I saw it I knew that I had finally found the ideal home. I thought, this house is. ”So, without much thought, almost overnight, Belén and her husband, Nacho, launched themselves into what would become an adventure narrated by chapters in the videos and post that she climbs promptly to your networks.

The housing, a 50's semi-detached houseI needed one reform urgently, but they liked the base a lot, so they decided to turn the problems into solutions. As Belén is super expressive, she began to tell all her real estate adventures in her video blog, and to ask her followers for consultation, and soon received the spontaneous help of one of them, Mª José Navarro, architect of the Nasezen studio, who would become in a key piece of this story. “Bethlehem wanted a open space, cheerful and bright, which will reach the energy and heat of the sun throughout the day. In addition, we were clear - Mª José tells us - that it should reflect the personality of its owner, open and dynamic, without losing its original classic flavor. ”That is why they kept the stone floor of the entrance, with a spectacular Rose of the Winds, the arch of the living room for access to the kitchen, the wooden stairs, the exterior door and the beautiful moldings of the ceilings ... Yes, all this has been restored. The house, distributed in plants, had two small rooms and a kitchen divided into three rooms. Now has a spacious and open living area, functional and comfortable for the family. At the bottom of the floor, after a wooden window lacquered in white, is the new kitchen, in style country chic, reminiscent of American classics.

The ground, a oak laminate Quick-Step - except in the kitchen work area where a porcelain tile that mimics hydraulic tile was installed - gives continuity to all rooms. On the second floor, reorganized to win another bathroom, there are the three bedrooms: the main room, with a large dressing room and integrated bathroom; that of Teo and Leo, which was designed with the idea of ​​dividing it in the future with a minimal work, and that of the family girl, Mia, who for the moment, shares a bedroom with her little brother. His laughs and games are the real protagonists of this house, a dream that has come true.


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Bethlehem loves color and at home he wanted it to be present in some furniture; how
This pistachio piece, located between the windows of the living room and the dining room.

Chest of drawers and paintings purchased at the Almoneda Fair in Madrid. Vase, from an earlier Ikea collection. Carpet by Pimkie.

Well comunicated

The partition was almost completely demolished, except for some original elements that give the house authentic flavor, such as arches
from the living room and the hall to the kitchen.

In the foreground, metal armchairs, by Calma Chechu. On the wall, old candlestick of the Almoneda fair. The floor, an oak laminate, is the model IM 1855, of the range Impressive, from Quick-Step.

Warm and personal

The living area is cheerful and very bright. PVC windows, with frames and rushes that mimic wood, fit perfectly.
Blue sofas and coffee tables with storage capacity, from Ikea. Patterned cushions, from Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. The furniture
under the left was custom made by Carpentry Cobeña.

At Belén Canalejo's house

Surely many will know her for her famous blog B * a la Moda, a virtual window that has been open since 2009 and that Belén has filled with
his advice on fashion, videos, useful tips and, in recent months, with the history of the reform of

The House of Dreams. Degree in journalism
and in fashion design and with a master's degree in marketing, after living seven years in Los Angeles, Belén and her husband, Nacho, decided to return to Spain to form a family that is now numerous, thanks to the arrival of their children: Mia , Leo, Teo and Max.


The house, facing south, was surrounded by a wall covered with a vine that had a lot of light and made it gloomy in excess. Bethlehem decided to remove it to facilitate the entry of clarity to all environments and extend the feeling of day.

From Ikea: custom made table with countertop Möllekulla and white lacquered wooden legs. Fiber chairs, from an ephemeral collection of the same firm. Copper armchair purchased at the Sklum.com online store. The metal ceiling lamps are of Westwing.es


The kitchen, located at the bottom of the first floor, communicates visually with the living room through a white lacquered wooden window
It prevents fumes and odors. It was made to measure by Carpentry Cobeña.

Kitchen furniture and accessories, from Ikea. Appliances, by Miele. On the island, ceiling lamps, from Liderlamp. Kitchen towels, from Habitat.

Country chic

Quick-Step laminate flooring was replaced in the work area by a porcelain tile that mimics a hydraulic tile design.

Porcelain of the firm Fioranesse; in Azulejos Peña. On the table stands a chandelier that belonged to Bethlehem's grandmother. Household, from Habitat.

Eat with family

The dining room, in white and wood, is chaired by a glazed cupboard that allows you to have the perfectly tidy utensils on hand. This wall was papered to visually separate it from the rest of the kitchen's environments.
Cupboard and chairs, from Ikea. Table paths, dishes and cake holders, from Habitat. Inherited lamp

Bows that provide fluidity

Access from the entrance; on the ground floor the rooms are connected by arches that provide spatial fluidity.

Star paper

In all rooms of the house there is a wallpaper on some wall; In the living room stands out in this cozy work corner located next to the hall.

Wallpaper, by Thibaut. Table, tondo and lamp, from the Almoneda fair. Blue candle holder, from Habitat. Boxes and pink box, from Banak Importa.

One for all

For his bedroom Belén chose a king size bed, 1.80 m wide, ideal for a family with children, who love to visit parents every now and then ...

Ceiling lamp, by Borgia Conti. Round mirror, from an El Rastro store. Cushions: pink with butterflies and elongated flowers, by Designers Guild in Usera Usera. Blue bedspread, from Banak Importa.

Vital yellow

A color that is only present in those areas of the house was introduced both in the first-floor toilet and in the children's bathroom. Yellow, cheerful and vital, is perfect for stays like these, frequented by children.

Washbasin cabinet

In the toilet: washbasin, by Leroy Merlin. Coatings, from Mosaic del Sur. In the children's bathroom: the floor is a white and yellow mosaic, by Hisbalit. The furniture of the toilets was custom made by Carpentry Cobeña. Towels and accessories, Habitat.

Children's room

Mia's bedroom, like her brothers', was designed by Peek & Pack. Highlights the bed, lacquered in white, and with a romantic canopy.

Nofred signature wallpaper, in Peek & Pack. The floor is the LPU 1662 model, from the collection Laminate Largo, from Quick-Step.


The living room has flirty corners, like this one, that Belen uses to read and disconnect. In the background, under the stairs, the neon of Blanca Azcárraga is a nod to the city of Los Angeles, where she and Nacho lived, and that is a special place for them.

The details

The bedrooms were located on the second floor; Mia's has a study area by the window. The floor, a Quick-Step oak laminate, is warm and functional. Furniture, by Peek & Pack.

Visual connection

To create continuity between the living room and the kitchen, but to avoid the exit of smoke and odors, a glass and wood enclosure was installed that connects the spaces, but also allows insulating them when necessary. Vases, from Banak Importa.

Porcelain that mimics the hydraulic tile

Although the floor is a laminate, suitable for the kitchen, in the work area it was alternated with a porcelain tile that mimics hydraulic tile. Is the model Clementine Black & White, from the Fioranese firm, and can be purchased at Azulejos Peña

Sense of order

Bethlehem is a fan of order, and that is felt in his house. The kitchen, white, conveys a sensation of cleanliness and each piece of utensils is classified and stored according to the use that is given.

Personal details

Sometimes the walls become the ideal canvas to show memories or objects with sentimental value. In this case they are acquired dishes
in the American Anthropologie store.


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