Decorate in a few meters

Decorate in a few meters

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When you live in a mini house, the goal is to gain meters and, although it seems impossible, what you can achieve is that it is wider. The first thing is to consider what distribution adapts to your needs and assess the possibility of removing walls. Would you like to unify the living room and the kitchen? Is there a balcony that can be integrated? in the messure that suppress the partitions that compartmentalize the floor, the suffocating sensation will give way to a environment plus clear.

Once the decision is made, it is important to go to a professional to assess whether our idea is viable. Otherwise, there is a risk of removing walls or pillars that are part of the structure of the home, and causing cracks or other dangerous long-term damage. The next point to analyze are the doors. A traditional model prevents placing furniture - or in the case of the bathroom, sanitary ware - along the path described by the sheet while it opens. However, the sliding, like those of the Krona firm, they fulfill their function of making environments independent but they allow profiting every inch of the room without wasting areas.

The choice of finishes is another key aspect. As a basic rule, Light colors visually move the walls away from each other, so the optical effect will be wider than if they are covered in dark tones. Although there are always exceptions: a combination of contrast finishes can make a corridor appear shorter, a higher ceiling or a deeper bedroom. In the section Decoration tips, of, you will find interesting ideas.

The furniture also brings its grain of sand at the time that a mini house seems spacious. Designs with more than one function - center tables that transform into a dining room model, sofa beds or lamps with different adjustable screens that illuminate different areas at the same time - allow reducing the number of pieces. But this limited choice involves making an effort to maintain order: shelves crammed with objects and unstable mountains of papers would make it seem tiny, even the largest of the palaces.

Advertising - Keep reading below Bedroom in the attic

Darkness and a compartmentalized distribution are the great enemies of small houses. In this case, unnecessary walls were dispensed with to give a sense of spaciousness. Living room, study area, dining room and kitchen share space, while the bedroom was located in a mezzanine.

Glass panels

This apartment only has 45 m2, but thanks to the glass panels that delimit each room, the general feeling is of spaciousness and relief.
The B76 Studio unified the bedroom and the living room in the same space, and independentized the kitchen and the study area into two glazed modules that provide lightness, maintain visual continuity and allow the passage of natural light that comes from the terrace.

Shelving to separate environments

An infallible resource is to define environments - in this case, the bedroom and the living room - with a bookcase. Its advantages? It guarantees privacy and, lacking a rear, nothing hinders the fluid circulation of light. To this is added its storage potential, with access from both sides. From Ikea: bookshelf Kallax, in 147 x 39 x 147 cm (€ 99); Soderhamn sofa (€ 699); table Lisabo (€ 79) and wool rug (€ 129).

Gray sofa

If you need an extra bed, choose a convertible sofa for the living room. In the model Lika, in Kavehome, impeccably designed, the backrest aligns with the seat. It measures 188 x 90 x 77 cm (€ 344).

Convertible sofa

If you need an extra bed, choose a convertible sofa for the living room. In the model Lika, in Kavehome, impeccably designed, the backrest aligns with the seat. It measures 188 x 90 x 77 cm (€ 344).

Storage shelf

Fundamental in a small space: choose furniture that includes spaces to store. Like this Maydele signature shelf, in 80 x 25 x 130 cm; in Dawanda (€ 620).

Table with shelf

Table with shelf, by Car Möbel, in 50 x 40 x 61 cm (€ 119).

Cart with trays

Where do I leave the fruit, bread and water? In a mini house, the dining table is usually small. This cart, with trays and wheels, will provide three extra surfaces. From Bloomingville, in 50 x 81 cm (€ 389).

Mid-rise sideboard

When the space is tiny, working between boiling casseroles and the oven at maximum temperature can be suffocating. But if the partitions are demolished and the kitchen is integrated into the living room, space will be gained. The Lizarriturry Tuneu Arquitectura studio distributed cabinets and appliances in a front, and partially concealed them behind a mid-height sideboard that also separates both environments.

Round table

An interesting alternative is to replace the wall that collapses with furniture, and thus create a U-shaped kitchen that allows diners to work. This is what was done in this house, in which the modules that house the sink were oriented towards the dining room. This was decorated with a round table that, lacking corners, facilitates circulation, and chairs that when fitted under the envelope barely take up space.

Colorful utensils

In the absence of cabinets in the kitchen, sharpens the ingenuity. Get colorful utensils that can be hung on the cooking front. These are from Nordal (€ 10.26 each).

Ceiling light

A mini kitchen is less narrow with white furniture and modules that do not reach the ceiling. In addition, the cooking zone, the sink and the office - if any - must have their own light: if it is very dark, it will seem even smaller! Ceiling light Photo (12.99), table (29.99) and cart Udden (59.99). Everything from Ikea

Origami lamp

Place a ceiling lamp on the bedside table and you will free up space on its surface. This is from Studio-Snowpupe; in 20 x 20 cm
(€ 63); for sale in Dawanda.

Removable shelf

The question of whether there will be space for her is the most common question in a tiny bedroom. One solution is to design as a headboard a chest of work with little background, but with storage space that is accessed from above. And that integrates, on both sides of the bed, a removable shelf that is removed at night as a bedside table, and hidden by day, so that it does not take up space.

Shoe moldings

No woman would give up her passion for sandals, boots and other footwear models. But ... what to do when the room is small? If the bed has a couch or drawers, store them in them. And if under the bed base there is free space, store them inside boxes with wheels. Another option is to fix moldings to the wall, and hang the most used pairs by the heel. These are from Leroy Merlin (€ 15 approx. Each).

Wall racks

Wall racks compensate for the lack of cabinets. From Bloomingville, set of 3 (€ 15).

Storage and decorating boxes

Accessories, garments from another season ... In shelves, in boxes, you will always have them on hand. And incidentally, they will decorate the environment. From Søstrene Grene (€ 7.84 each).

Clothes rail

Any standard closet is 60 cm deep but sometimes they are excessive for a small bedroom. Rail Mulig It only measures 46 cm deep and 99 cm high, so you can hang clothes on hangers and, above, place shelves. Rail (6.99) and bed Malm (349), from Ikea

Shower head

Although the shower tray is small, nothing prevents you from enjoying a spa-worthy experience. Sprayer Raindream, from Roca, is available in 30 and 40 cm in diameter (from € 367.84).

Pink towels

What do we do with the towels? If the bathroom furniture is reduced, there will be no room for them. Put them in shelves with little background and they will add color without obstructing the passage. Towels (€ 5.99 / 3), at Zara Home.

Curved worktop

Most of the firms specialized in bathroom have toilets with small measures. But when space is minimal, it is important to evaluate a custom model. The price will be higher, but the feeling of relief may be worth it. In this toilet, the 2Arquitectos studio designed a curved countertop with an integrated mini sink, all made of Hi-Macs, a material adaptable to any shape.

Semi-hidden toilet

Mini bathrooms are usually characterized by having a narrow and elongated floor. In that case, the distribution that takes advantage of the space is the one that aligns the toilets. In the background the shower will be located, which occupies less space than a bathtub. And next to it will be the toilet, half hidden by
the sink. From Leroy Merlin: furniture Motril, in 69.1 x 34.6 x 80.8 cm (€ 140 without sink) and mirror Colcant (19 €).

Lifting tray

The maximum expression of a work table in a minimum space. It is a tray suitable for the sofa or the bed, with a lifting surface (€ 54.80), by Car Möbel.

Clamp lamp

Clamp lamp (€ 27.90), by Car Möbel.

Library that hides a removable surface

Normally, in a small house, no one allocates a complete room as a study area. But the difficulty of creating a working corner would be significantly reduced if the table had the ability to disappear. Here, the lower shelf of the library hides a removable surface that serves as a table. The only precaution is to include a light point to connect a lamp. It is a project of Gabriel Asdrúbal.

Custom shelving

Look at this idea. The setback seemed the perfect place to create a study area, but the last closet on his left would have been doomed. The solution was to custom design a shelf to organize the abundant work material. And it was integrated, at the right height, a table with little bottom, which is extended over the radiator to hide it. Its rounded corners facilitate circulation.