How is the lounge of a youtuber?

How is the lounge of a youtuber?

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Happy with the decoration of her living room, the youtuber from fitness and beauty, Patry Jordan, tells us "I can not like the result more! Besides being beautiful, it offers me what I needed, relax, work and pleasure." Everything in this space, decorated by the firm Banak Importa and distributed in a living area, dining room and work corner, has fulfilled your wishes.

I wanted a minimalist, warm and nordic style At the same time, something that was achieved with a decoration where white, the dominant color, add brush strokes in trend tones, warm fabrics for textile accessories, natural fibers, wooden furniture and plants. Patry, which is defined as restless, impulsive and energetic, recognizes: "at home, I try to compensate: I seek tranquility, light and bright colors, well-being ..."

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The white color propagates natural light in the Nordic-style living room, a space in which the distribution of furniture, by Banak Importa, makes the circulation fluid.

The star piece is a sofa with chaise longue, upholstered in a gray stone that contrasts subtly with the rest of the pieces. Coffee table (€ 169), TV cabinet (€ 831) and showcase (€ 299).

The influencer

Patry Jordán poses in a corner of the living room of his house. After an intense day of work - recording videos of the Gym Virtual channels, your channel of exercise routines, and Secrets of Girls, beauty, social networks ... - here you can enjoy a well-deserved moment of rest.

Table with glass envelope

In the dining room, decorated in white, the table was chosen with a glass envelope to lighten its visual weight. Cushions, vases and a plant placed in a fiber basket energize this environment, while harmonizing with a reading corner of which the youtuber highlights the Zizú armchair "inspired by the 50s, which besides being beautiful is very comfortable" (€ 498 ). Table (€ 834) and chairs (€ 249 each). Everything from Banak Matters.

Dispatch area

Having an office area in the living room was a must have since you started thinking about your home decoration project. The furniture maintains the aesthetics and color used in the dining room, so that it integrates perfectly into the space and creates a certain continuity between the environments.

Notably, the metal grilles used as mood board to place ideas, new projects, appointments ... Desk with easels and glass (€ 178), shelves (€ 89 each) and white auxiliary furniture (€ 498), by Banak Importa .

In order
Although Patry's house has a second work area, where he records videos for his YouTube channels, this corner open to the dining room also allows him to perform multiple tasks. To clear the table, this storage solution has been chosen: place two shelves on one of the walls, and next to the table, a practical low shelf with wheels.

Perfect wild card

Side table, from Lola Home; 50 cm in diameter and height (€ 65.70).


Cushions, from Primark, with silver drawing on a gray background (€ 9/2).


Lamp Cetus, with fabric screen (€ 98 in