Thug decoration for rebel souls

Thug decoration for rebel souls

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Your house is the ideal place to collect all those objects that are part of your personal sanctuary. Whether they are figurines, lamps or cushions, if you are a rebel soul, you know what we are talking about!

Advertising - Keep reading below The Velvet Underground

If you stayed in the 60s with The Velvet Underground, this lamp is for you.

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A cushion for Twin Peaks fans

Do you remember when the melody of Twin peaks And you got your hair on end? The river, the lady of the log, the lovely agent Cooper ...

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Pink flamingo

In this case we are not referring to the Divine movie, but if you are a fan of Alaska and Mario you can always place a pair of pink flamingos on your balcony.

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The Note reaches your wall

Once you see The great Lebowski, the Hotel California of the Gipsy Kings acquires nuances that you would never have imagined before, because there is nothing like observing Jesus in the middle of bowling. de todas formas, if you are a fan of the adventures of He notices, You should have this picture on the wall.

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Penguins Matrioskas

The matrioskas are a mystery, because you never know how many there are! But these penguin-shaped ones are even more original.

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The charm of the jukebox

If you love to wake up to the rhythm of Jaihouse Rock you should put one jukebox in your life.

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Pay attention to Marc Renton

Marc Renton knows what he is talking about, at least this time, because there is nothing like starting the morning with a good coffee. You know, choose life!

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It's a book? Is it a cushion? They are both! The most terrifyingly romantic novel of all time will become your most companion soft.

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Gonzo journalism strikes again

If we were to define a mythical work of counterculture, it would be without a doubt Fear and disgust in Las Vegas. The film, like Thompson's novel, is simply pure madness, and this picture sums it up perfectly.

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Kraftwerk box

One of the pioneer bands in the most futuristic electronics that made us dance to the rhythm of The robot or The Model, now made little box!

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