The flat in New York by Gala González (amlul)

The flat in New York by Gala González (amlul)

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If the world of fashion blogs has always attracted you, you will surely know Gala González (or amlul). This Galician, niece of Adolfo Dominguez, was one of the pioneers in our country to open a personal blog when studying fashion design in London. There and on the web of fotolog he shared his day-to-day and his styles, which soon caught the attention of fashion specialists and earned him a good number of followers, making it one of the it girls homeland A few years ago, he changed his way to London for one in New York and in August 2016 he moved to a new floor, which we explore today by tracking his Instagram.

Gala's style of dress is as eclectic as it is elegant, mixing clothes of different brands achieves a sober and rich result, with bohemian touches. In decoration it follows this same concept. In its Big Apple floor, with white walls and wooden floors, we can find simple pieces of Nordic style that enlivens with ethnic patterned poufs and rugs, fiber furniture, armchairs vintage of green velvet and pieces that he designed next to the Coruña brand Olive Nugget. The blogger combine everything with expertise, achieving a consistent and casual result.

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🍯 @mango #mangogirls #mangocommitted

A post shared by Gala (@galagonzalez) on Mar 31, 2017 at 6:50 am PDT

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Home. NYC June 2017

A post shared by Gala (@galagonzalez) on Jun 6, 2017 at 7:30 am PDT

In his bedroom stands a macramé tapestry as a headboard, some industrial-style bedside tables and a simple wooden base as a bed support. Bohemian Minimalism Very her.

If we liked the interior, the views of the typical New York print, with brick facades and metal exterior stairs, have made us fall in love.

Elle Decoration España magazine showed us London's Gala floor. You can see it here: The house of Gala González

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