Discover the magnificent loft of Meg Ryan in Soho

Discover the magnificent loft of Meg Ryan in Soho

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/ The Corcoran Group

The well-known actress actress Meg Ryan (who doesn't remember her in When Harry found Sally?) He bought Hank Azaria, actor and voice of Moe at The Simpsons, his single apartment in 2014. Meg immediately imagined how he could transform the space completely.

Meg's aesthetic sense has been recognized by the best interior designers in the sector. According to statements to Architectural Digest, his enthusiasm for interior decoration comes from his need to express himself that is not through a character in a movie.

The loft covers the entire floor of a converted Soho warehouse, has 380 square meters, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and is accessed through a locked elevator. The house maintains some of the original architectural details such as the long entrance gallery with large windows, seven columns, ceilings of almost 4 meters and French doors from floor to ceiling. Meg added a decorative Victorian fireplace in the dining room and restored the original wooden floors. The actress also redesigned and redistributed much of the space: she expanded the kitchen, made a splendid suite where previously there was a gym, the dining room was mounted where the master bedroom used to be, the bathrooms were also enlarged, and added built-in closets and storage areas . After the monumental reform, Meg opted for a sophisticated urban style in dark tones, contrasting textures and a glass wall with French doors between the living room and dining room. The exposed brick walls were exposed in the press room. The new open kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances and leans towards a more French design.

However, as beautiful as it has been, Meg Ryan has now put the loft up for sale at $ 10.9 million.

Check out the impressive floor:

Living room. The Corcoran Group Step into the dining room. The Corcoran Group Dining room with fireplace. The Corcoran Group Dining room in black. The Corcoran Group Entrance Gallery The Corcoran Group Kitchen with office. The Corcoran Group Kitchen with dining room. The Corcoran Group Large kitchen with office. The Corcoran Group Main bedroom. The Corcoran Group Bathroom with exempt bathtub. The Corcoran Group Bathroom. The Corcoran Group Bathroom with shower. The Corcoran Group


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