Would you live in a house inspired by Versailles?

Would you live in a house inspired by Versailles?

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Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Among the stately estates of the Gold Coast of Long Island, there is one that does not quite fit. Is about La Maison des Jardins, a beautiful mansion built in recent years and inspired by the seventeenth century. And we are facing a replica of the Château de Versailles and the Château de Vaux le Vicomte that nothing has to envy the originals ... Don't miss the photos!

Photos: Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Advertising - Keep reading below The owner of the mansion is the Israeli businessman Raphael Yakoby

Raphael, known for creating the liquor firm Hpnotiq and Nuvo, he had planned to move into the house with his family, but in the end he decided to sell it at a price of € 81,000,000 (approx.) last summer, he reports Newsday


The house has a plot of just over three hectares in Old Brookville.

The front door is a replica of Versailles

The iron railing and the golden details of the staircase were inspired by that of Le Petit Trianonby Marie Antoinette.

The decoration is full of luxuries

And the sale of the house includes all the furniture.

The mansion was designed by architects Michael J. Wallin and Douglas R. Schneider

And it took four years to build it.

Includes 8 bedrooms And 8 full bathrooms In addition to 5 toilets His palace

"The owner had no doubts about the style he wanted to give the house," says the press.

On the roofs stands a dome Value

The property was previously sold in 2010 for € 2,600,000 (approx.), According to public records cited by Newsday.

The roofs of the ground floor reach almost 4 meters high

The house has a movie theater, a wine cellar, a billiard room, and a gym.

And this is the wonderful kitchen! For € 48,600,000 (approx.) It can be yours

Via: House Beautiful US


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