This bottle holder will revolutionize your fridge space

This bottle holder will revolutionize your fridge space

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With the rise of mini floors, kitchens do not always enjoy all the space we would like, and that means giving up appliances, like a large fridge, in pursuit of its tiny version. But with it, there is also a need to invent new methods to store food, something that is not always easy.

For this reason, using ingenious solutions will make the difference between a well-used refrigerator, and another that will make us fall into despair.

18,22 €

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So this magnetic bottle holder is the perfect solution to make the most of your fridge space.

We have found it on Amazon, and consists of a pack two magnetic strips designed to be placed on the ceiling of the refrigerator.

If you can't take it anymore without having it, go here to buy it. You will not regret!


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