A family apartment decorated with Nordic style

A family apartment decorated with Nordic style

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Pablo Sarabia

“When we moved to this house two years ago, we were looking for wider spaces and surround ourselves with the nature. That's why we moved on the outskirts of Madrid ”. This is how Estela, the owner of this house, explains the reasons that led them to choose it. "We are 4 members in the family and we value having a small garden and the mountain nearby, to go for a walk," he adds. The apartment is distributed in a living room with terrace, the kitchen, two bathrooms -one of them integrated- and three bedrooms: the main one, that of the girls and that of guests. “We have many family and friends who live outside, and we love that they come to spend time with us. That's why we wanted that room to be comfortable for them, ”clarifies the owner.

Advertising - Keep reading below Table integrated to the bookstore

Estela needed an area to work daily. And he organized it in the living room, with a bookcase that allows to have the office supplies at hand. The table, integrated in the library to save space, turned to the terrace to enjoy the views.

Shelving, chair and plates, by Deco & Living. The table is from Ikea.

Living room with blue and green cushions

The cushions in blue and dusty green, the toasted tones of the carpet, the wicker of the ceiling lamp and the nightstand, and the wool of the tapestry on the wall - made by the mother of the owner - envelop the atmosphere in warmth.

Sofas, by Frajumar. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Armchair, from Va de Vintage. Deco & Living: coffee table, ceiling lamp, carpet, night table, sideboard and frames. Floor lamp, from Ikea. Side tables, from El Rastro. On them, white and blue box, of Indietro.

Stools as candles

Welcome to the North. In the hall, the stools were used as nightstands, a must of the Nordic decoration. Ikea's furniture $ allows you to organize mail, keys, gloves in your drawers ...

Stools and vases, from Deco & Living

Antique sideboard and frames

The sideboard Its design based on horizontal and vertical shelves is light. Black and white photos with old frames give a charming point of nostalgia to the living room.

Sideboard and frames, by Deco & Living.

Work zone

Keys to the work area. When placing the computer, it is important that no window is reflected on the screen so that the view does not get tired. Position the table lamp so that your own hand does not shade what you write.

Three environments in one

One of the reasons that led owners to move out of the house was the search for larger spaces. The surface of this room - perfect for organizing a living area, a dining room and a work corner - was decisive when choosing housing.

Mesa, from Batavia. Tolix chairs, from SuperStudio. Pink bowls were purchased at El Almacén de Loza.

Metal tray with vases

A cozy still life was organized on the dining table. As a base a metal tray was taken, which is a trend, and three vases arranged in a triangle were placed on top. The blue between the two white designs adds dynamism and visually orders the whole.

Tray and colored vases, for sale at Deco & Living

Outdoor seating area

The terrace has a seating area. The furniture, by Leroy Merlin, invites you to relax on fluffy cushions.

Plates, napkins and cushions of Indietro. Cups, from The Warehouse of Loza. White and blue cushions, pots and cacti, for sale at Deco & Living.

Outdoor dining room

By including a roofed area, the family enjoys outdoor meals, even on sunny autumn days. The plants that cover the brick wall visually clothe the environment.

Mesa, from Batavia. Chairs, from the Magis firm. Tablecloth, plates and blue flowerpot, from Indietro. Cutlery and white bowls, Deco & Living.

Lamppost and flower pots

By soil. Add-ons no longer have to be limited to surfaces such as tables or sideboards. Directly on the ground, they fulfill an important decorative function.

Lantern and pots, Deco & Living.

Tolix wall and chair ladder

Estela's house - which is the founder of the Deco & Living website - reflects the latest decorative trends. Specifically, the style of the Nordic countries, with the wall ladder, the metal lamp, the chairs Tolix and the vases of white and blue crockery.

Sideboard, from Batavia. Staircase, blanket, box and tall vase, Deco & Living. Lamps: table, Santa & Cole and ceiling, El Rastro. Vases on the sideboard, by Indietro.

Wall-supported paintings

Owners love to surround themselves with details that continually change. Hence, the paintings often rely on the wall, instead of hanging, to move them whenever you feel like it.

Stool, vase, mirror and sheet, Deco & Living. The typewriter was purchased at El Rastro in Madrid.

Coil-shaped table

With grace Do you have any empty corner? In the master bedroom, a table in the form of a coil, a picture on the wall and flowers inside a jar are enough to decorate it.

Table and table, by Deco & Living.

Smooth front kitchen cabinet

The furniture, with smooth fronts and without handles, transmits a sensation of cleanliness. Have you noticed the roller blind? In this case, in addition to dressing the glass door, it is a good solution for the window, partly covered by a tall piece of furniture.

Kitchen furniture, by Gunni & Trentino. Mesa by Ikea. Chairs, in SuperStudio. On the table, white fruit bowl, of El Almacén de Loza. Household, sheet and carpet, Deco & Living. The blue pot is from Indietro.

Antique Finished Shelving

A painted shelf with an aged finish was included in the kitchen, which enhances its appearance vintage. Used as a pantry, the pieces of household utensils are left on hand as well as some ingredients that do not need refrigeration.

Shelving vintage and kitchenware, for sale at Deco & Living.

Bedroom with blanket

Textures are essential in the master bedroom. Embroidery, thread, wool and cotton make the bed a delicious refuge to snuggle.

Blanket, from Zara Home. Cushions, by Deco & Living. Mesilla, from El Rastro. Lamp by Jielde. Pictures: on the bed, from VGliving.

Table and cushions that replace the headboard

The poster vintage It is from the Flea Market in Paris. Placed on the bedside tables, the paintings turn the bedroom into a private art gallery, which modifies its exhibitions without fear of leaving holes in the walls. Lacking a headboard, the picture on the bed and the cushions attract all eyes.

Different towel models in the bathroom

In the bathroom two models of towels alternated: a wide, smooth one, and a smaller one that is placed on the first, but with a pattern of blue sheets. The flowers in glass jars put the touch chic in the environment.

Plain towels, from Zara Home, and with blue sheets, from Deco & Living, where the glass jars are also.

Floor distribution plan

Estela and her husband, Yago, personally took care of the decoration of the house. Her knowledge - founder of the Deco & Living website - can be seen in every corner of the house, where the nordic style It alternates with personal details. "We love to surround ourselves with beautiful things, family treasures, day-to-day memories and special pieces," Estela says.

On a light-colored base with white walls and upholsteries - the complements alternate and modify continuously. “Everything can be moved, since we love to create, specifically me,” explains Estela. "One day the vase is here and tomorrow, in another room." This philosophy, which also applies to your professional projects, allows you to organize very personal environments. “I love creating spaces according to the character of those who live in them and their needs, but always maintaining harmony,” he reveals.

The work area, located in the living room, It is good proof of this philosophy. Oriented towards the terrace, to enjoy natural light and views of the garden, it is formed by a modular shelf, very light visually, which allows you to have the necessary material at your fingertips. The same goes for the master bedroom, where the white walls convey calm. "The tables are different because we run away from the joint decoration, although there is always a common thread."


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