A small apartment to be inspired

A small apartment to be inspired

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The house has a small living room with a sofa, two armchairs and a small study area located in the background, with wooden floors and gray walls decorated with urban vintage touches.

The couch

Perfectly embedded in the bottom of the small living room with facing sofas and a small wooden center table. At the feet, a carpet in natural texture and on it, a pair of patterned cushions add color to the room.

The study

In the open room, the studio is located next to a bright window, separated from the rest space. It is made up of a set of furniture of inspiration 'mid century', sun mirror included.

Office area

The house has an office space for group meals. Ideal if you go with your family to spend a few days in London. Up to eight people fit on this beautiful wooden table!

The kitchen

We like the color chosen for the kitchen furniture. Brilliant black topped with a marble countertop in tan tones, matte metallic details and wooden floors. Dressed from top to bottom with matching kitchen accessories.

The main room

In the apartment there are several bedrooms, including this one, the main one, with sloping ceilings and a two-door wardrobe integrated into the work.

Auxiliary bedroom

In another place of the apartment this small double bedroom is located, with integrated furniture that are part of the headboard.


It also has two bathrooms, one of them, this small toilet with bathtub, a large window in the attic structure and minimal sink.


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