This apartment sold in less than 24 hours

This apartment sold in less than 24 hours

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Highlighting among the real estate offer of home sales websites is not easy. Buyers immerse themselves in an infinite sea of ​​properties, all very similar, moving down with the mouse quickly until a jewel crosses their eyes, causing them to brake dry, awakening their curiosity, until they click to learn more about it. The job of Asun Tello, interior designer and expert in Home Staging, is to make this happen. An effect she calls, "I want it and that's it!"

A good example of this is the flat we visit today. Located next to the Madrid Río park, a few steps from Matadero, its 65 square meters had been plunged in the 60s. "I was totally outdated because I had lived an elderly marriage with little desire to get into works," Asun explains . His daughters, when inheriting it, did not really want to reform it, "because of that mixture of respect, affection and nostalgia that one has for the parents' house", but knowing the miracles that the interior designer's study could do with old floors , were encouraged to try.

The first thing he did was study how much investment it was worth doing to upgrade the house, taking into account the final price at which it could be sold. In this case, getting into works was seen as something essential to make it attractive to potential buyers. The reform consisted of changing the bathroom and kitchen, moving the latter next to the living room, to open it and create a dining area with bar that would take better advantage of the space. The bathroom passed to the place she used to occupy, extending its limits to make it more comfortable. The rest of the distribution of the house remained the same, maintaining the three bedrooms because it was considered to be more attractive when selling it.

The neighborhood in which the floor is located was the inspiration for the finishes, colors and decoration. It is an area with many green spaces and cultural centers, so the study wanted to create an interior in which an intellectually restless and nature-loving person felt welcome. All the floors were covered with a clear platform, achieving a continuous pavement that visually expands the spaces; the walls were painted white to gain clarity and with a green frieze reminiscent of the old floors and adds movement and personality, and the doors were chosen in a natural pine with black iron handle.

For decoration, Asun made a mixture of industrial, Nordic and tropical styles with pieces rescued by Smökit and acquisitions of Maisons du Monde, Leroy Merlin, Muy Mucho and Zara Home, which finished finishing off this radical change. "When the two sisters (who knew this house so well, that for years it was the family) saw the finished project, they agreed that it did not look like the same house at all and had exceeded their expectations completely," Asun says proudly. They were not the only ones who were happy with the result, since the house sold in just 24 hours. A good reform manages to work miracles.


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This apartment of 65 square meters lasted only 24 hours for sale, after the reform of the Asun Tello studio. We know the keys to your success.

Gain clarity

Flooring floors, clear walls and blinds that sift the light (and hide the views of the building opposite) have increased clarity. The furniture recovered is from Smökit.

Scope of view

The kitchen was placed in the place that used to be the bathroom and opened to the living room.

New dining room

On one of its sides a bar was placed that serves as a dining room.

New kitchen

The kitchen, in white and with light wood, is from the German firm Rational.

Tile front

A white, industrial-inspired subway tile was chosen.

Green touch

The frieze painted in green reminds of the old interiors and adds movement, personality and color to the white of the walls. "Sometimes, a simple detail solves bigger needs," Asun explains.


One of the three rooms has been conceived as a multipurpose space, which can be used as a dining room or bedroom.

Knock on wood

Another natural touch: natural pine doors.

As a headboard

In the bedrooms, the green frieze acts as a headboard.

Industrial and Nordic

Two of the styles that dominate the house. The furniture comes mostly from Maisons du Monde, Zara Home, Muy Mucho and Leroy Merlin.

Gain space

The access door was moved a few centimeters to the right to create a storage space.


In the kitchen place was the bathroom that is now more spacious and comfortable to use.

Stick it

Bamboo blinds were placed in the bedrooms that "provide warmth and harmonize with the woodwork," explains Asun.


He was shouting for a change.

The lounge before

He had been anchored in the 60s.

Cook before

Behind this partition was the bathroom. Today this wall does not exist and the kitchen takes its place.

Bedroom before

View of the bedroom that today houses a multifunctional space.

Master bedroom before Old kitchen

Today is the bathroom.

The bathroom before Shower before

The coatings in brown tones made it very dark.


The colors and finishes that were chosen for the project.

Plan before Later plane