Helena Agustí Sanahuja, of Cordonné

Helena Agustí Sanahuja, of Cordonné

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Tell us a little about the origin of Coordonné ... The company was born in 1978 in Barcelona to offer in a single establishment the complete decoration of the home with coordinated decoration papers and fabrics. That objective is what gives rise to the name of the firm: Coordonné.

The secret of your success is ... Create inspiration universes and give a good service. Having an inspiring and beautiful product is essential, but showing it through the right channels and caring for customers is also key.

Do you have any motto? Yes, it is the end of the white walls, the wallpaper is the new black ... Or, as we say, #wallpaperisthenewblack. White is pretty, but don't abuse him.

What do you need to make the day go well? Discover something new and inspiring, have a laugh and get excited about something or someone. This is a 10 day!

You are passionate ... The art. And also find inspiration visually and reading; learn from others and from oneself.

You would get lost in ... A museum. You can go again and again and always discover something new.

Advertising - Keep reading below Helena Agustí Sanahuja

Marketing and communication director of Coordonné, a firm specialized in decoration papers and upholstery. Instagram @helenagusti

It is responsible for publicizing the brand and its products to the media, customers and professionals.

Painted paper

What would you say has changed in this time? Today the firm is an editor with a team of creative young people, who wants to revolutionize the wallpaper and textiles sector, with collections that excite and transform the spaces.

To the sun

And on a personal level, what is happiness to you? Enjoy every day, every moment and detail. Enjoy the friendships, the family, that book you like, the spring breeze, a Sunday morning in the sun ...

Pocket notebooks

Tell us something essential for you.
First of all I would say the mobile. However, I have also got used to carrying a pocket notebook with me; I love the Octaevo brand, in which I take notes, write some reflection or drawing.


Your favorite deco piece? Pierre Paulin's designs, rabidly modern modern classics. And some of Memphis, like the lamp Tahiti.

Ceramic vases

The last decoration purchase you have made is ... Small ceramic vases for cacti.


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