A second chance for a dark and small floor

A second chance for a dark and small floor

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Improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. This was the commendable goal that Arkstudio and AYH set themselves at the time of reform this apartment located in the Lisbon district of São Bento, It had a bedroom without windows next to the living room and a kitchen with lots of morning light and quiet during the night.

The first step seemed obvious: exchange room and kitchen and open the latter to the rest of the house, also having the opportunity to place a dining room in it. Thus they managed to ensure that all rooms had natural light and that the feeling of spaciousness and functionality increased. The rest of the spaces (among which are a second room and a bathroom) were updated by mixing the decorative elements of the city's tradition with contemporary and reminiscent designs. mid-century.

Advertising - Read on below Many possibilities

This Lisbon apartment had a lot of potential. Arkstudio knew how to explode to gain light and functionality.

Real site

It is located in the Lisbon district of São Bento, which receives its name from the homonymous palace that hosts the Portuguese parliament.

Attack plan

The change consisted of two phases: reform and interior design.

Increase light

The designers wanted to use light and natural tones to take advantage of natural light.

Mix of styles

They combined traditional elements of Lisbon decoration with other contemporary designs.

Keep the essence

They also wanted to keep the typical elements of the architecture of the area, such as white walls and shutters and wooden floors.

Winning combination

The result is eclectic and serene in equal parts.

The dark swallows will return…

In the living room, the television corner decorated with the traditional Portuguese swallows.


When using few colors, they paid special attention to providing different textures to the result.

Open minded

The apartment had a bedroom without windows. The designers placed the kitchen here and opened it to the living room.

To stay blank

Although natural light now reaches this corner, white manages to enhance it.

Kitchen with office

When opening it to the living room, there is enough space to place a dining area.

Natural touch

Wood and fiber lamp provide textures and natural colors.

Minimalist kitchen

Only one of the walls placed top cabinets. In the other, it was decided to open storage not to recharge the environment.


Detail of the kitchen.

Changing roles

On the other hand, the kitchen was located in an area with a lot of light in the morning and very calm at night.

Gain light

Arkstudio placed the bedroom in the old kitchen, getting all the rooms to have natural light.

Serene bedroom

In the bedroom the same decoration continued: a mixture of styles, soft colors and many textures.


The white bedside tables merge with the white back wall.

Study zone

One of the corners was used to locate a desk.

Short stays

The apartment is designed for vacation rentals.

Combine with art

On the desk, a work of art in the same tones as the rest of the decoration.

Great capacity

Next to the entrance to the bedroom, a wooden cabinet with a natural finish.

Travel with company

The apartment has a double room and a single room (in the picture).

Look to the past

The traditional elements of the area's architecture were respected and combined with contemporary and other style furniture mid-century.

Timeless design

Next to the bed, a chair Acapulco.

Few colors

The color palette continues to be restricted to white, black, gray and wood tones.

Store clothes

Upon entering the bedroom, a white wardrobe.


View of the bathroom from the floor.

Original washbasin

A wooden piece of furniture was designed and a round shaped washbasin was placed on it.


A ladder leaning against the wall serves as a towel rail.

Single bath

Simplicity in decoration and rich textures are also present in the bathroom.


Outside, the typical tile facades of the São Bento neighborhood in Lisbon.


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