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Most viewed from 2018 month to month

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"... we take stock of good and bad ..." Ana Torroja sang like that, and we all sang every December 31 since Mecano premiered the song in 1988 "One more year" within the album Sunday Rest. And in we will proceed to such a balance but, you will forgive us that we focus not on the good, but on the best of our website in 2018. And we go month by month.


In the first month of the year 2018, a house that we had published in December 2017 triumphed (and much). But it continued to have a pull already started 2018.

B's fashion house.

So is, BaLaModa's house The most popular topic on our website. Belén Canalejo, author of the successful blog Balamoda, He invited us to know his most private spaces.

Related content The house of B a la Moda, a beautiful chalet…

Special mention to number 2: Before and after: a kitchen and a Nordic style bathroom


In February we were surprised with a spectacular reform. We talk about a house, of course. The apartment in question, located in the neighborhood of the trail in Madrid, we loved a very modern deco, of course, but it impresses how it was before.

Before and after: an old apartment renovated with love Related content Before and after: a renovated old apartment

Special mention to number 2: The house of Los Javis, scriptwriters and directors of La Llamada


In March, with the arrival of spring the protagonists were the plants, more specifically the indoor plants.

The 20 most resistant indoor plants.

If you don't know them yet, check out.

Most seen: The 20 toughest indoor plants

Special mention to number 2: A century-old apartment renovated with love and respect


In April, the victory was taken by a (very) family home ... And we emphasize the very because at home a couple lives with their 3 children.

Before and after: A family apartment to move into

And the most amazing thing is that it is a rental apartment that they renovated to their liking. You can't imagine how the floor was before.

You missed out? Before and after: A family flat

Special mention to number 2: The 25 most beautiful bathrooms we've found on Pinterest


On May, the heat was already showing up and we were beginning to have vacations in mind ... That would be why # 1 was a flat with sea views.

One of our dearest readers invited us to visit her apartment in Mijas, Málaga.

Do you remember him? Before and after: A flat with sea views

Special mention to number 2: A serene and cozy apartment with lots of light


In June the plants became the absolute protas again. On this occasion in the form of rich vegetables.


Great ideas to have your mini garden at home and not waste anything.

Take a look here. 15 Vegetables you can eat and plant

Special mention to number 2: 12 sun plants for summer


With the summer well entered, the reforms triumphed in July, specifically the ideas for painting the house.

15 colors with which to paint your house

Did you cheer up with the yellow bathroom?

Did you like the colors? Thinking of painting your house? Do not miss this guide

Special mention to number 2: Party time: 7 guidelines for organizing an outdoor party


The month of the holiday par excellence left us a pleasant joy, and it is to discover that we are not only interested in the great decoration, It makes us crazy from time to time to discover how not so large houses are equally beautiful.

A functional and bright 50 m2 flat Miriam Yeleq

Remember it here ...

Do you remember this beautiful house? A functional and bright 50 m2 flat

Special mention to number 2: A flat of 80 m² now bright and spacious


With the return to school and work activities, in September the total protagonist was ... (drum roll, please): cauliflower.

Recipes to reinvent cauliflower

And that was a previous issue that was reborn as the Phoenix to give us great ideas for cooking cauliflower.

Do you remember the recipes? Recipes to reinvent cauliflower

Special mention to number 2: The 6 golden rules to keep order at home


The return to the routine and the return of the cooler temperatures made us look back in ... from home.

A kitchen open to the living room Infographic

And this open kitchen is the space you liked the most.

Watch it here Kitchen open to the living room

Special mention to number 2: The 6 golden rules to keep order at home


Order and more order. That is what succeeded. The ideas to organize bags and shoes (and not die trying) shone with their own light.

Bags and shoes: good ideas for them to be in order Look, look ... Bags, shoes and order: good ideas

Special mention to number 2: An apartment (that falls in love) in the old town of Barcelona


Before we started decorating the house for Christmas, this gallery gave us the surprise with tips to decorate your living room in style.

If your room needs a change, see the advice of professionals

Nice ideas, right?

New tendencies: Keys to decorate the living room

Special mention to number 2: The best snacks for Christmas


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