A little furniture with legs made by you

A little furniture with legs made by you

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Photos courtesy: Bosch

Advertising - Continue reading below A wooden auxiliary cabinet

This will be this auxiliary furniture made by you, perfect in any corner of the house. It is a proposal from Bosch DIY.

You can make the box yourself or use a hollow shelf and add legs.

Step 1.- Cut the slats to size

Measure the wooden slats on which the legs will go and this in turn to the "body" of the table you want.

Step 2.- To fit the legs

Make holes in the table with a strawberry the diameter of the circular slats that will make legs.

Step 3.- Screw the ribbon

Make some holes for the screws with which to fix the structure of the legs to the hollow shelf.

Step 4.- Sand to eliminate imperfections Step 5.- Fixed

Attach the ribbon - before putting the legs - to the base of the shelf.

Step 6.- Measure the height of the legs

Mark on the circular slats that will make the legs the same height you want for your table.

Step 7.- Cut the legs

With the help of a saw.

Step 8.- Fit the legs and fix

Once the slats are cut, fit them into the holes made with strawberry at the beginning of the process and fix them on one side with a screw so that the legs do not come out.

Step 9.- Protect to paint

With painter's tape cover the parts (the songs for example) that you don't want to paint.

Step 10.- Final finish

Well with a gun or brush, give the paint finish you want to the table both on the "body" and on the legs.