How you should decorate the hall: Expert Word

How you should decorate the hall: Expert Word

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One kings lane

Successfully decorating small spaces such as the entrance is possible if you opt for well-chosen furniture and appropriate accessories.

Take note of the advice that Pilar Perea, Styling Director of, proposes.


Paint and wallpapers play a fundamental role in the decoration of small rooms such as the hall.

Basket and blanket, from Zara Home; Cushions, from Primark Home.

A good idea is to cover both the wall and the entrance door and thus create a sense of continuity.


Well combined, vegetable fiber supplements can be part of the decoration throughout the year. In this hall, for example, the wicker carrycot and rope lamp coexist beautifully with a wooden bench and pony skin that brings warmth to the space.

It can be purchased at Maisons du Monde.

The ethnic patterns on the cushions add a perfect exotic note.


Mirrors are the great allies in the hall. In addition to coming great for a final touch-up when they leave, they visually expand the space and bounce the natural light.

Bet on them in any format and you will succeed.


A somewhat wider corridor than usual can act as a hall and even a work area at the same time.

The key is in the basic, simple but practical furniture, such as this low-bottom console and the green velvet bench that is hidden underneath while it is not being used. A fantastic idea and easy to apply.


If you have a place at the entrance of the house, a good option is to look for a large console or sideboard. The same is the time to make a small investment and give yourself a deserved treat.

Buy it here € 859 € 687.20

This air sideboard vintage de La Redoute is very tempting.

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