The intelligent blinds of IKEA that you will want to have already

The intelligent blinds of IKEA that you will want to have already

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The technology smart She is hated and loved equally. Some claim that it makes us more lazy and that, in general, they are absurd facilities that lead us to a robotic life; but others see it as an opportunity to save time and effort to devote to what really matters.

For those on the last side, the virtual assistants Alexa, HomeKit or Google Assistantthey will have become one of the family, being able to control the appliances with an ease never seen before.

Being aware of the needs and advances of modern life, IKEA has climbed into the car with the launch of two smart blinds, FYRTUR (with dark finish) Y KADRILJ (translucent)that will come out on sale in Europe next February, and they will talk to the three virtual assistants.


In addition, its use is the simplest, since do not require electrical installations when carrying a rechargeable lithium battery.

The model KADRILJ you'll find it from € 99, and the FYRTUR, from 119 €.


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