These "fake fries" are much more nutritious ... And they don't make you fat!

These "fake fries" are much more nutritious ... And they don't make you fat!

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They are false yes, but these "chips" will be your best option to maintain the line and health.

The trick is - as you have already imagined - that it is not about potatoes but radishes and that they are not fried, they are roasted in the oven. But what is the hit? And we assure you that they are delicious too.

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You only need a handful of radishes, a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic powder, salt, black pepper ... and the sauce that you like the most for dippear.

French fries have 312 calories per 100 gr. while radishes only 16 calories. There is no color…

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We have also found other ideas to distort the traditional snack of french fries, choose the one you like best:

For zucchini lovers:

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Cabbage chips:

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Tomato Chips:

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From kale ... Delicious!

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Apple Chips:

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And what you did not imagine ... Avocado Chips:

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If we have not managed to convince you, we suggest you change to a healthier choice of potatoes:

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