A floor with classic wood

A floor with classic wood

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They say that touching wood brings good luck. On the floor we visited today, it brought light and warmth, two elements that are sometimes difficult to combine in interior design. Those in charge of reforming this 120 square meter penthouse located in Madrid's Barrio de Salamanca have been the members of Quiet Studios. "The house had remained interactive since the 1950s and was divided into many halls and very small rooms," explain Lua and Daniela.

The owner, a single business woman, wanted to have "space, light, cleaning and storage and create the bedroom of her dreams and a guest room to receive her daughters when they visit her," they say. To achieve this, they demolished partitions and opened the rooms. The most social area is condensed into a single space, with living room and kitchen, bounded by an island. Both bedrooms have their own bathrooms and the main one also has a dressing table and a small dressing room.

The main material is oak, in fact, they called the project The Oak Residence (The Oak Residence in Spanish). "The owner's favorite material is wood, but she didn't want a dark one," the interior designers say. "We chose the oak because it manages to reflect the light while giving warmth." With it they have covered floors and walls, some of them hide doors, cabinets or shoemakers, "without knobs, which open with system push so that everything was equally clean. "On this clean and character-based basis, they have deployed few pieces, but very well chosen and with timeless inspiration, such as a Cassina stool, antique furniture, own creations or a sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Photos: Carlos Luque

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The Quiet Studios team completely reformed this 120 square meter penthouse in the Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid.

It's not what it seems…

In the kitchen, open to the living room, they installed an extractor that acts as a lamp.

The beautiful island

A Corian island delimits the kitchen space continuing with the open concept.

Very complete

In the kitchen the cooking area and the sink were placed.

Nothing here…

What looks like a simple paneled wooden wall ...

Much to hide

Hide appliances and drawers.

Eat in good company

The dining room serves as a transition between the living room and the kitchen.

More wood

The dark wooden table contrasts with the floor.


The chairs of the Eames bring the touch of design.

Good support

Detail of the side table.

Light veil

Linen blinds have been placed in the windows to give privacy and let the light pass.

Comfort zone

In the living room, sofa and pouf designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina.


A cane armchair brings texture to the whole. The lamp is the Mantis model of DCW.

Bedroom entrance Hall

With oak floor and white walls.

At his feet Climb the walls

The oak also covers the wall behind the bed.

A touch up

"In the main room we made a vanity unit in the window to take advantage of natural light, also in oak with a stone sink, antique faucets and we added a French mirror of the nineteenth century," explain the interior designers.

Warm material

Detail of the oak cabinet of the dressing table and stool Méribel de Cassina.

Golden touch

A discreet floor lamp brings the luxurious touch.


The wood paneling extends into the hallway that leads to the bathroom.

Hidden potential

Behind these medras hides a large shoemaker.

Main bathroom Touch wood

Here also a wooden closet was designed.


The two bathrooms were made completely in beige microcement.

Closet Detail Second bedroom

The owner wanted a guest room for when her daughters visited her.

Wink to the past

The interior designers chose some antique pieces to decorate.

En suite

The guest bedroom has an en suite bathroom.

Light in the mirror

View of the guest bedroom bathroom.

Outside life

Some old iron planters were placed on the terrace of this attic.

Plant a tree

"The client wanted to have a maple and we bought an ancient Greek amphora to plant it," they explain from Quiet Studios.

I usually

It was covered with a floating teak platform.

Terrace with views


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