Amazon launches a new system to watch your favorite series from the shower

Amazon launches a new system to watch your favorite series from the shower

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East temita It will bring controversy, and that is that it is the dream of many, and the nightmare of others. Because you can watch your favorite series, or your YouTube videos, and even check your smartphone from the shower, the concept is completely skipped mindfulness and leads us, once again, to the pure and hard distraction.

But on the other hand, the tranquility of answering an urgent call without having to run out of the shower and put it all lost of water, it is a pretty attractive ideadon't you think

Therefore, Amazon has just launched a product that looks like it has become a success. It is a plastic curtain to hang in the shower, with nothing more and nothing less than 17 pockets destined to store in them your smartphone, the tablet And basically everything you can think of.

You can buy it here

But the best thing is ... that account with touch screen! Come on, that in addition to watching videos, you can write whatsapps and emails to tutiplén.


What do you think about the invention? Of course, it drives us crazy!


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