A successful reform made this dark floor a functional and bright space

A successful reform made this dark floor a functional and bright space

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Míriam Yeleq /

It seems incredible how a house can be completely transformed, to the point of being unrecognizable even to its own owners. That is what happened in This house, of just over 70 m2, located in Madrid. In spite of the state of abandonment and deterioration in which it was, its owners intuited the hidden possibilities between its four walls. He also learned to see the reform and decoration company Tandem74Studio, in charge of the project of integral renovation of the property.

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Crystal lanterns with cacti and vases with flowers ... Natural elements that give life to corners are not lacking.


Timeless and in a resistant gray, the sofa, by Maisons du Monde, presides over the living room.

The decoration is animated with colorful cushions, by Guáimaro. On the other side of the table, a couple of armchairs Arm chair, designed by Platner, they put a note of sophistication.


Being elongated and narrow, it has been furnished with a high console and with little bottom and a bench that is collected below and does not hinder the passage.


To cook and talk with the family, an open kitchen with an island lit by row lamps was installed.

The countertop is from Neolith and the stools Tolix, industrial style, were purchased at Amazon.es


The doors of kitchen furniture lack handles, to offer a smooth and clean surface.

The microwave and the extractor hood are integrated in the set.


The chairs vintage They were in perfect condition, so they were reused by changing only the upholstery.

The table is an old bistro type model with marble countertop and iron legs. It was found at wallapoop.es


The children's bedroom could not be simpler.

So that it is not overwhelming, the two 90 cm beds lack a headboard, only a couple of squares animate the wall.

Quilts, plaids and plain and patterned pillows sparkle.


The hole left in the wall by the built-in closet has been used to install a flown board accompanied by a mirror.

Well lit, it is used as a study table, or also as a dressing table.

The lamp and the flexo are from Kenay Home.


They wear the double bed textiles and accessories in very soft tones that help create a calm climate. They are from Kenay Home, such as the tray with breakfast and the carpet of geometric drawings, whose design coordinates with the metal base of the bedside table.


The upper area of ​​the sink was painted gray, to highlight it, and the sink has been placed on a small table.

Two squares, which also serve to hang the towels, attach it to the wall.


Marble bathroom coverings add a neat feeling. They cover the entire shower cubicle and a baseboard in the rest of the space.

HOUSING PLAN Infographic

From the entrance you can directly access the triple kitchen-dining-living space. The distribution of the house was almost completely modified creating two large areas: the public one is a diaphanous surface, and the private one is occupied by the bedrooms. The main one has a built-in bathroom.

More light and order

The labyrinthine distribution of this floor was typical of the last century, with many small rooms. It had four bedrooms, some without windows, and therefore, without light. The first objective was to modify a compartmentalized and obsolete layout, to instead open diaphanous and bright spaces.

Many partitions were thrown and the four existing bedrooms were originally only two more spacious. A new bathroom was also added and the local kitchen was moved, since it was at the entrance, joining it to the continuous surface that now forms together with the dining room and the living room. These three environments receive good light from a large window, and if that were not enough, all available meters are profitable. An oak floor helps create the desired visual and spatial continuity.

Objective: functionality

The kitchen is separated from the dining room by a bar used for fast daily meals that incorporates countertop with sink area and inside, the dishwasher.


Wood in the pavement and marble in the walls show the quality of the coverings, which add an aesthetic value to the house. The lighting has been very careful and fulfills an important practical function. Ceiling spotlights, suspended lamps on work areas and floor and table models have been used to create more intimate, or on the contrary, more dynamic areas, and to improve light in a timely manner. All this according to the different effects to be achieved in each of the areas.

Chic Details

Without having a defined style, the decoration is modern and super modern. Most of the furniture comes from physical and online markets, so the resulting mixture is very dynamic: vintage elements and industrial aesthetics. Also iconic pieces of the design, such as Platner chairs, in metal and velvet.

Star fabrics

Finally, upholstery and textiles are the perfect complement to enrich the whole. Multicolored cushions, of lively drawings, enhance sofas and armchairs; bedspreads and plaids dress the beds in style; Smooth or patterned carpets personalize the floors ... They are the icing on the cake that fills the interiors with life.


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