Home linen with the touch Don Cotton

Home linen with the touch Don Cotton

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With the seal of an iconic brand such as Don Cotton, Textile Secrets, an exclusive licensee, he designs and produces a new line of bed and bath linens to realize the needs and concerns of today's homes. The key? The union of excellent quality fabrics, made of 100% cotton, with an exclusive touch in its design that will bring a plus of comfort and style to any environment.

This is how Don Cotton becomes willing to conquer all those who knew and lived the essence of an elegant and youthful brand. In constant analysis of fabrics, processes and trends, its collections are committed to innovation and creation of fresh designs and of the highest quality, essential and available to any home. Discover its spring-summer collection and be one of the first to feel the freshness and comfort in your home clothes again.

Remember that all Don Cotton products can be purchased at points of sale assigned nationwide, in large stores and multi-brand home textile stores.
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Advertising - Read on below Quality and exclusive design for bedding

The bedroom has to be quiet. Its atmosphere should invite calm and for this soft tones are essential in both coverings and textiles. For blue, white, gray, pastel shades ... and always with the best quality fabrics. Don Cotton launches a collection of fresh household clothes available to anyone, which puts the emphasis on important details: quality, fabrics and design. In the photo, set of sheets 3 pieces Lis in blue tones in 100% cotton.

Designs that take care of the details and in constant evolution

Fabrics of excellent quality, made of 100% cotton and with an exclusive design. Don Cotton's household clothing remains true to its own design, elegant and fresh at the same time, although in constant analysis of the trends of the moment in fabrics and styles. With these premises, the firm conquers all those who knew its essence and will captivate those who discover it now. The set of sheets Ariel In beige tone combines smooth and moles.

Coordinated textiles that invite rest

A well dressed and coordinated bed invites you to relax. Abuse of cushions and quadrants, a quilt, a plaid at the foot ... Precisely, the new collection of Don Cotton, made by Secrets Textile, offers the accessories you imagine to dress the bed to your liking: bedspreads, boutis, plaids, cushions and duvet covers in both plain and subtle patterned tones, always in soft colors. Set of sheets Gisele in gray.

Home linen in cotton, a natural fabric

Cotton is the most suitable fabric for sheets. Natural, soft and pleasant in contact with the skin. Do you know which ones best regulate the temperature of our body? With it perspires and rest is quality. Don Cotton offers collections of sheets in 100% cotton. In the photo, set of sheets Ariana in beige color.

The same essence, adapted to the time of year

Don Cotton adapts its collections according to the time of the year to ensure greater comfort both in the collections of bedding and in the bathroom with towels, bathrobes and carpets for this stay. Soft and fresh proposals in the spring-summer and warm and more sophisticated collections in autumn-winter. Don Feel the freshness of Don Cotton again with this collection, for sale in points assigned nationwide, in large stores and multi-brand home textile stores. 3-piece sheet set Ariel in gray in 100% cotton.


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