Hotel Santos Ibiza Coast Suites

Hotel Santos Ibiza Coast Suites

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It's summer, it's hot and we're on vacation; It is time to travel to that dream destination throughout the winter. Why not to the Pitiusas Islands? As a spectacular, original and irresistible proposal, Santos Ibiza Coast Suites hotel, pure trend with tradition and daring blends between the avant-garde and the vintage. It shows, in short, a suggestive eclecticism on the edge of the sea, with direct access to the beach and both common and interior spaces of the most peculiar.

A daring rock attitude unleashes the rebellious spirit of the place by covering the walls with portraits of singers and mythical bands in format extralarge and famous lyrics of his songs that, today, are pure poetry for many. In addition to ethereal sentimentality, the feet land on the ground in each and every one of their 38 suites, unique and divine, baptized with names of saints - hence the name of the hotel - some Ibizan, in homage to the tradition of the island, and some more earthly. Thus we find Saint Janis, San Dylan or San Hendrix sharing hall with San Antonio or Santa Eulalia. Who was going to say it! Of course its location, in the well-known Playa d'en Bossa, It has a lot to do with enjoying the incredible views over the sea at sunset or the attractive bustle of this famous enclave. his Beach club It is also an excellent meeting point with a spectacular swimming pool, restaurant-bar, exclusive performances and avant-garde decoration inspired by the colors of the island. A must summer of the Ibiza party.

- In addition to, of course, enjoy the wonderful beaches and coves of Ibiza, From the sand it is possible to rent a boat and travel its coast from another point of view. This option may include crossing to the island of Formentera and knowing its famous crystal clear waters.
- The island is also famous for its curious markets that during the day they exhibit clothes and jewelry made by hand and at night, they delight the visitor with live performances or shows with light and fire as protagonists.
- Worth visit the old town of Ibiza, known as Dalt Vila, whose imposing walls were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999.

Address: The Santos Ibiza Coast Suites hotel is located on Bruc street, 3. Playa d'en Bossa (Ibiza).
Phone: 971 301 023.
[email protected]
Rooms: It consists of 38 air-conditioned suites, a living area with a flat-screen TV, an iPod docking station, a minibar and a bathroom with a hairdryer. They also include a kitchenette. The hotel is open from April 24 to October 26 of each year.
Prices: Its price varies according to season and number of people occupying the suite. The lowest rate is € 90 per person.

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The vitalist details boho chic With seventies dyes personalize the most unexpected spaces. Turquoise and white tones triumph in the outer spaces, which enhances the fusion with the horizon.

Go out on the terrace in the company of The Beatles

Can you ask for more? Details like this are what make the difference in the Santos hotel, which boasts such a special decoration that it reaches all five senses.

The hotel has 38 dream suites

All offer a comfortable living area independent of the bedroom, a generous terrace, a small kitchen and, of course, all the amenities for a perfect holiday.

Tiles with geometric shapes

The sophisticated and personal air of the hotel is breathed in the bathrooms of the rooms. These are modern spaces with warm wood details and all the necessary amenities for the client.

Stylish rooms

The rest area of ​​each suite is independent of the rest of the room. They are spaces in which white and natural light predominates in search of that so necessary calm in vacations; Pop headboards stand out.

Beach Club with sea views

The Beach club The hotel is famous on the island both for its location on the beach itself, and for its avant-garde decoration. A multipurpose space starring an immense pool and its magnificent restaurant bar surrounded by sun loungers, daybeds, designer umbrellas and lots of positive energy.

Details in the restaurant

The hotel restaurant has an extensive bar and cafeteria area next to the pool. Here you can taste Mediterranean and international cuisine and on its terrace, the most refreshing cocktails of the season.


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