Tricks to recover, maintain and plant ferns

Tricks to recover, maintain and plant ferns

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The number of species and forms of these plants makes them one of the most attractive. We tell you how to take care of them So they last a long time.

People say that the fern is the oldest plant on earth and its origin changes according to the variety. They can be found in tropical regions, equatorial and Mediterranean areas. Its appearance is also absolutely different depending on the kind of fern that is: we have small and almost triangular leaves (called fronds), like those of the adiantum, popularly known as culantrillo; long and wide, like those in the bird's nest; thick and covered by a white fluff, such as the spectacular Elk Horn, etc.


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All these ferns have in common that they don't give flowers, they need a lot of humidity and they can't stand the direct sun, except the variety Moose Horn All species are very decorative and have been great stars in interior decoration; The arrival of the heaters, with the dryness that they produce in the environment, caused them to be cultivated less indoors. However, the beauty of ferns deserves an effort to maintain the moisture they need. Water frequently, spray water on their fronds and fertilize them frequently, it is enough to have healthy and spectacular plants.

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Ferns Fact Sheet

Light. Although they tolerate shady places, they need enough light, but avoiding direct sunlight. An indirect light that gives from a window facing south is good.
Temperature. It does not support frost or very dry environment. For almost all ferns the ideal temperature is between 15º C and 24º C.
Irrigation. In summer you have to water abundantly, up to twice a day, to keep the substrate moist, and in winter reduce irrigation. Ideally, do it with rain water not too cold and spray frequently.


Fertilizer. Do it every 15 days in spring and summer, with liquid fertilizer dissolved in the irrigation water.

Problems that ferns can present

The fronds appear deformed and sticky. The cause of this is the mealybugs, which excrete a molasses that leaves them sticky. Treat them with Oleoparation.
The fern has yellowish or brown spots and they fall off. This is because the environment is too hot.
The leaves do not grow and have a dull color. The problem is the lack of nutrients. Change the substrate and pay well.
The younger leaves end up rotting. The plant has botrytis. This is due to excessive humidity. Space the irrigation a little, check that the drain works and apply specific insecticides.

Frequently asked questions about ferns

What is the most suitable soil to grow a fern? The fern substrate must be porous and have mulch or peat on its base. A very good mixture is half part of mulch and half of heather land.
What type of pot is the most suitable? The best ones are plastic pots, as they retain moisture better. These plants are also very beautiful in hanging containers.
Should the ferns be changed from a pot? Yes, it should be done every two years and, due to the characteristics of the plant, choose wider than tall models. The ideal is to do it in spring.


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Is it necessary to prune these plants? No, it is not necessary to prune, the only thing that should be done periodically is to remove the fronds that are dry.
What is the best place to place this plant? Ferns need a lot of moisture, so it should be placed in the wettest places. For example, in bathrooms. Never put them in passing areas, as there are usually currents and they are one of their worst enemies.

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