Before and after: A beautiful all-in-one apartment

Before and after: A beautiful all-in-one apartment

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Tarina Guerra, of MYA Home Staging, reformed this mini-flat in the center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria so that the different rooms shared space and thus made possible a comfortable and functional life. The base from which he left did not promise much: an apartment that had remained abandoned for years, of small dimensions, with strange separations and an unhelpful distribution that finished off with a mini balcony (totally unnecessary) overlooking an alley. Nothing appetizing ...

The interior designer and home staging expert decided to make (literally) flat tabula and leave the floor naked. Today the only partitions present are those of the bathroom and one at the entrance, which created a corridor to install the kitchen and gave more privacy to the bedroom. The balcony was closed, taking advantage of the space, and the existing built-in wardrobe was removed to reposition it in the new bedroom. In addition, all facilities, quite obsolete and damaged, were renovated. The decoration was adjusted to a budget as limited as space. Tarina chose basic and timeless pieces, in white, black and gray, to which she gave dynamism with light touches in yellow and with a paper with cactus print inside the closet.

Advertising - Keep reading below Warm reception

We visited a minipiso reformed by Tarina Guerra, from MYA Home Staging. Upon entering, we receive a wooden sign with the message Welcome.

Take the hall

The interior designer knocked down all the walls and lifted a partition that created a hall in which she installed the kitchen.

A coffee?

A cart with a cup hanger make up the perfect coffee stand.

Front view

From the entrance we can see the dining room.

Creative tiles

The tile front brings the color note in the kitchen.

A table set

View of the dining room, black and white with wooden lamp.

The living room

The color palette was restricted to white, black and gray and color was added with the accessories.

Together but not scrambled

Although the rooms share the same space, the arrangement of the furniture has managed to differentiate them.

Radiant parts

Circular mirrors bring character.

All in one

Housing view.

Visual continuity

The interior designer used the same colors and materials in all spaces, making them consistent with each other.


Serene and with brightly colored brushstrokes.

To spend a few days

The apartment is available for holiday rental.

More wood

Wooden floors provide warmth.

Dressing room

Composed of a dresser and an open closet.


Inside the closet, a wallpaper with cactus print.

Good support

As a bedside table, a chair painted blue.

Entrance gate Bath

Next to the entrance is the bathroom.


The interior designer chose blue to define the shower.

The entrance before The kitchen before

It was claustrophobic and it was very dark.

The kitchen before The lounge before Before The bedroom before Cabinet

He was in a place that was not functional.

The bathroom before



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