A bathroom with separate areas

A bathroom with separate areas

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- Gain space it was not the main objective of the reform of this bathroom, already generous. Actually, what was sought was to provoke a sense of well-being more related to integration, versatility and freedom of movement than with the square meters.

- The use of different pavements, the warmth of the wood and the freshness of the tile, mark two different environments but integrated in the same space.


- 3 m2 of glass mosaic (34, 93 € / m2): € 126.79
- Basin tap: € 300
- Toilet and washbasins: € 683
- Lamps: € 15,98
- Plumbing, tiling and painting labor: € 4,662
- TOTAL: € 5,787.77

Advertising - Keep reading under Bathtub with garden views

The window stands out above the bathtub, overlooking the private garden. Through it the natural light that illuminates the original tiling of the beveled tile extended to the floor is cast. The ceiling, painted turquoise blue, projects a feeling of absolute relaxation in the bathroom. Glass mosaic Unicolorfrom Hisbalit. Project carried out by Egue & Seta.

Sink flown

On the countertop, two sinks flown with taps on the wall. The absence of lower furniture with the pipes in sight, and the mirror without frame, manage to expand the visual space. The sinks, shelves, faucets and lamps, everything doubles for the benefit of its occupants. Suspended lamps model Photo, from Ikea.

Wall of work that separates the areas of the bathroom

In front of the entrance door, the oak wood is extended by floor, walls and countertop providing warmth to the bathroom. A simple shelf serves as storage. Toilet and sinks, Roca. Model Taps Drako, from the firm Ramón Soler. A work wall separates the area of ​​the sinks from the flown toilet, which remains hidden


The toilet, which is not visible from the entrance, is hidden behind a work wall. A success.


White and rectangular washbasin Vox, in 80 x 45 cm, made of enameled ceramic. Is from Jacob
Delafon (€ 230).

Boxes with marine reed lids

Boxes with lid Nipprig 2015. In different sizes and made in marine reed; They are from Ikea (€ 9.99 / set of 3).

Rustic style bench

Wooden bench with three legs and irregular shape, by House Doctor (€ 125)

Bathroom plan

Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo, alma mater of the Egue and Seta studio, are responsible for washing the face of this square bathroom divided into two distinct spaces that manage to integrate in perfect harmony.

1 LAUNDRY AREA. As soon as you enter, the wood extends through pavement and cladding giving uniformity to the space. Under a large mirror a countertop with two sinks and a lower shelf for depositing towels were arranged.
2 SANITARIES AND BATH. This area was distributed with an inverted L shape, where the longest part houses the tiled bathtub, as well as the floor and walls with beveled tiles. This detail together with the color chosen for the ceiling, a turquoise blue, wrap this space in a quiet and refreshing place. On the shortest side of the L, we chose to place the toilet that, wisely, is hidden behind the sink area thanks to a work wall. A stool / magazine rack is the only representative of furniture that shines by its absence.


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