The Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner, 50% off Amazon Black Friday

The Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner, 50% off Amazon Black Friday

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The Black friday It's here and that's always good news. And much more for all and all those who were waiting for the day to buy a smart vacuum cleaner like this. We are talking about the Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner, which, attention, you will find it with a 50% discount (from 799 euros to 389 euros).

If you are still one of those who do not know exactly what the wonderful Roomba is, we will tell you. Surely after knowing all its advantages you will also need it.

This model is a Vacuum cleaner robot It does four functions with a single device: sweeps, vacuums, mop and scrub. It has a three-level smart scrub that makes it suitable for all types of surfaces, plus up to six cleaning modes: automatic, for edges, manual, room, spiral, and "back home".

It is a mid-high-end robot, which incorporates room mapping and Wi-Fi connectivity, and provides great efficiency in household cleaning.

iRobot Roomba 960 iRobot € 389.00 Buy

Its 3-stage cleaning system, with AeroForce technology, whose power is five times higher than previous models, allows you to effectively lift, extract and suck dirt. In addition, their extractors without bristles get the hairs to go to the inner tank, without getting tangled, which means less maintenance work. If you have pet, perfect! Your animal's hairs will no longer be a problem at home.

It moves without difficulty throughout an entire floor of your house, registering its location and recharging when you need it until you complete the work. With the iRobot HOME app you can clean and schedule cleaning on the fly.

In addition, the Roomba 960 automatically returns to its Home Base to recharge when the battery runs out, then resume cleaning where it left off.

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