Enjoy flowers and plants on vacation

Enjoy flowers and plants on vacation

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Advertising - Keep reading below 1 The cactus: Resistant by nature

The cactus belongs to the family of succulent plants endowed with a high capacity to absorb and store large amounts of water in their stems, leaves and roots. Thanks to this they are able to survive long periods without water. The thorns, which involve almost all varieties, also fulfill an important function: storing dew.

2 Fill the house with color

The striking eclosion of garden life invites you to surround yourself with flowers anywhere and to bet on full color accessories. Verdecora offers in all its stores the most beautiful plants and the most suitable accessories for them. A good example is these zinc pots decorated in pink; they are the model Celebrate Summer, in 16 x 14 cm (€ 4.90 with flower included).

3 Country Meals

Finally we reach that pleasant time of lunches and dinners outdoors, of bucolic tables and flowery decorations. It is summer, time to live outside doors and - if you are one of the lucky ones who own it - to taste tasty summer delicacies in the garden or on the terrace. It provides the set with an impressive spring seal with large bouquets of cut flowers combined with floral print tablecloths. Here the tablecloths, napkins and cushions of the Moltex Classic Rose fabric predominate.

4 Flowers on the balcony

Get inspired by the famous Cordovan patios and balconies and flood yours with small pots with seasonal flowers. Although the originals hang directly from the wall, this shelf with room for three varieties will make it much easier (€ 9.75). It is an idea of ​​Present Time.

5 Barbecue two in one

On vacation everything should be casual and casual, including meals in the garden. A portable barbecue, cheerful and light like this, from Present Time (€ 23.50), is most practical. It has the essential to make tasty vegetable skewers, roasted sardines or chicken and meat recipes, with the advantage that it takes up very little space and is disassembled in a moment. And when you don't use it, why not use it as a pot? It is a fantastic proposal.

6 Lawn always ready

The freshness and harmony transmitted by the broad grassy meadows have no comparison, but everything entails a sacrifice and in this case it is clearly their maintenance. The appearance of dense carpet is the key to its beauty so you have to water it a couple of times a day in summer and mow it often.